July 19, 2023

Today we celebrate 40 years of Fieldstone's service to the community!

Experience the transformative power of Fieldstone, where a tradition of compassion and empowerment has been flourishing since 1983. It all began with three faithful and devoted individuals - Peter Ochs, Keith Johnson, and Dave Langlois - who embarked on a remarkable venture to create The Fieldstone Group of Companies. This visionary collection of land development, home building, and real estate businesses set the stage for a legacy of giving back to the community.

After a decade of impactful grants, the corporate foundation shifted gears in 1994, founding the Fieldstone Leadership Network (FLN). This network offers a continuum of programs and networking opportunities, empowering nonprofit leaders in Southern California to thrive. Through strategic investments in individuals, organizations, and communities, FLN has become a trusted community of over 400 nonprofit leaders and supported the growth of 358 organizations throughout Orange County and the Inland Empire.

The strength of Fieldstone Leadership Network lies in its unwavering commitment to fostering a safe and trusted community for nonprofit leaders and serves as a nurturing space where leaders come together to exchange knowledge, receive support, and gain valuable insights. It is a vibrant hub where collaboration flourishes, and the seeds of transformative change are sown.

With our board of directors now expanded to eight engaged members, FLN continues to be a beacon of support, inspiration, and education. Join us as we celebrate the resilience of nonprofit organizations, forge connections, and cultivate compassionate leaders who shape a brighter future. Together, we can achieve remarkable change.

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40 organizations who have enriched and benefited from our programs.

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