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Sept. 9, 2015 

The colours are changing and the air smells fresh. The fall as arrived, and thanks to the delayed Labour Day, the first week of September is already gone!

The Big Kids Club is back in action, and yesterday Denet took the Nature Club kids for the season's first fieldtrip. The rest of the classes are all kicking off this week, including art, dance, role play, and building. Families often ask about what he Big Kids Club is all about, and for us, it's about making friends and working together. 

As the classes get back into high gear, we're also covering some basics. On Sept. 27, we're offering a children's First Aid course, and there are spaces available if you'd like to join! 

Fall is in the air, and it's time to get going!
Centre News
Children's Emergency First Aid Course - Sept. 27, 2015

When working with young children, professionally, there are a lot ways to learn and develop skills that make this job one of the most rewarding in the world. Teachers are constantly expanding their repertoires, seeking new resources, and of course, developing new techniques to make learning fun!

First, and foremost, though, there's safety. 

All the teachers at Buddings are educators with credentials well above and beyond the basics. They have clear criminal record checks, advanced courses, and FIRST AID. 

First aid for children is much less about unexpected emergencies, and instead focuses heavily on the highly predictable, and preventable, accidents, like identifying choking hazards, and likely causes of bumps, bruises, and burns.

On Sunday, Sept. 27, some of our teachers are refreshing their children's first aid, and if you'd like to join them, there are spaces available. The cost is $90 for the 8 hour Canadian Red Cross course, delivered by children's first aid expert, Karen Clark of the Vital Link

If you'd like to take the course, please contact Talia as soon as possible, as there is a minimum attendance required. 

What is the Big Kids Club? Is it preschool? Is it play?

Sort of...

Buddings toddlers learn about the world, making friends, and comportment through active play, with teachers on hand to expand their ideas - and help them explain and express themselves. That's what play-based learning is all about! 

By the preschool age, we can teach them more complex ideas, because they have a bigger capacity for concepts. They can learn through stories, books, and activities that represent the learning. 

Our Big Kids Club program for preschoolers is a beautiful blend of play and learning, structured to engage their attention, present concepts, and most importantly (in our opinion...), offer opportunities for collaboration and social skill development. 

Every afternoon, from 1 - 4pm, our teachers present "lessons" on wide-open topics that all children love, from construction and building, to acting and movement, creative expression, and the natural world. Each season is different, and the line-up depends on the kids, and teachers, but the format is always the same. 

The Big Kids Club fall season classes are all kicking off this week, and yesterday, Denet took the big girls on a nature walk and fairy hunt. She couldn't have picked a group of more amiable children for her adventure, but it's more than luck. This picture from the afternoon captures, for us, what Big Kids Club is all about:

For more information, and to be added to the weekly program details email list, send a note to preschoolers@buddings.ca .
Saying "Hello"... to Paula Howell - our new BKC teacher!

Paula Howell

I t's September, and everything is starting up again! At Buddings, we love the fall for all the new adventures it heralds. Our programs are launching, and the teachers are getting busy with activities. This month, they are all taking the opportunity to tell you about themselves. 

Our newest teacher, Paula, i s getting the hang of toddler mornings, and she's heading up Thursday's  Big Kids Club class - Rock and Role Play. She's passionate about s ocial emotional development, and she's got a host of ... handy... helpers for this important topic. :)

You're going to love her big expressions and emphasis on emotional regulation, and your kids are going to love her presentation of complex feelings - through play! 

Check out her post on the blog, and then LOGIN to have your Big Kid join her Thursdays from 1 - 4pm!
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