Seasons Greetings

To spark up your Christmas season, we're sending you our favorite holiday hearths, our most unusual gift ideas, and a heart-warming story of how a little determination can bring you closer, step by step, to those you love.


Big thanks to Susan Nettleman (cover shot) and Amy Aldridge (above) for sharing their festively-decorated fireplaces. Their talents inspire us all.

Unique Gift Ideas

We have just returned from our annual trip to bring you hidden treasures from lands near and far, including hand-selected gems, minerals and fossils. Our shelves are bursting with special gifts you won't find at the big box stores.

BYOG 2.jpg

Kids, big and small, will enjoy the excitement of cracking open these Break-Your-Own Geodes. A few taps with a hammer and they'll have a one-of-a-kind present. Sparkling clear quartz crystals are hidden inside. Limited supply so don't delay.

Gems _ Fossils.jpg

Glimpse a few gems from our new collection. Agate bookends, Amethyst flowers, Black Tourmaline and more. Give the gift of music with our truly-tuned Corinthian Bell windchimes, crafted with deep resonant sounds right here in the USA.

Ammonite pair.jpg

A perfect Ammonite pair. A fossilized form of marine mollusks that became extinct along with the dinosaurs; named after the Egyptian god, Ammon.

Amethyst - horizontal.jpg

Select from our new Uruguayan Amethysts available in many shapes and sizes.


Light up your holidays with these colorful earrings that highlight the nature and landscape photography of David Clack. Starting at just $19.00.

gift card.jpg

Not sure what to give your friends and family? Buy a Stone Garden gift card of $15 or more and we'll throw in $5 to sweeten the pot. Purchase a gift card of $100 or more and we'll add $20 to your gift.

Stepping Towards Love

Congratulations to our DIY winner, Johanna Morgan, who shares the story of a family gift to her husband.

My girls and I set out to transform our small side yard leading to the back gate into a natural stone walk. Our main reason was to surprise Daddy Matty when he gets home from his mission overseas.

Flagstone DIY Pathway-02.jpeg
Flagstone DIY Pathway-03.jpeg
Flagstone DIY Pathway-05.jpeg
Flagstone DIY Pathway-FINAL.jpg

The Entrance

Flagstone DIY Pathway-06.jpeg
Flagstone DIY Pathway-07.jpeg
DIY Winner.jpg

Matty is home and was blown away by the entire project. I cannot wait for spring time to add landscaping! ~ Johanna


Stone Garden group CROP final choice  2021_October DSC9779.jpg

The warmest of Holiday Wishes from our Stone Garden family to yours.

Visit us at 5726 Market Street (adjacent to the Toyota dealership at Eastwood Road/MLK and Market Street in Wilmington). 

Happy Holidays,

Nina Brown




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