September 2019
Neutral + Color in a West Orange Kitchen
Project of the Month

The space was reconfigured to transform it from cramped work space to separate work zones for prep, cooking, cleaning and bar.

A neutral kitchen (white cabinets, white marble-look countertop, gray crackle tile backsplash and muted brown/gray porcelain wood-look floor tile) is a great background for these pops of color from the bold Fiestaware dishes.

Turquoise + Orange + Yellow = Happy Place

Georgia O'Keefe said "Color is one of the great things in the world that makes life worth living." Certain colors and color combinations energize me and spark joy (to use a popular phrase). So great to work with clients who feel the same way about this bold color combination!

Fiestaware was introduced by the Homer Laughlin China Company in 1936 and is still in production today. An early brochure said " COLOR! that's the trend today ..... It gives the hostess the opportunity to create her own table effects ... Plates of one color, Cream Soups of another, contrasting Cups and Saucers ... it's FUN to set a table with Fiesta!"
The one fruit fly trap that really works
Green Design & Mindful Living
4 DIY traps were tested by . I'll save you the suspense and report to you the winner:

Pour 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar in a small jar. Punch a few tiny holes in the metal lid of the jar with a hammer and small nail. The flies fly in but can't get out. Voila!