December 2018
Future Center Success


My advisor Mr. Gordy taught me how to follow deadlines and prioritize better. I feel a little scared actually about the demands of college, but I feel like I'm prepared now thanks to his help and how he encouraged me to meet those demands head-on. 
He came to our English class to tell us about the Future Center.  I set up an appointment and from there, I knew I could come in at any time to ask questions. I began hanging out in the Future Center quite a bit after I connected with him. Mr. Gordy is a great resource for all of us.

Thank You to Our Interns


Our Future Center interns Hannah Feest (above left with advisor Hayley Moe) and Kylee Britton were invaluable this semester at the Future Center at Central High School. They built great relationships with students and helped tremendously toward their plans for future success. 

Best of luck to Hannah and Kylee for their own future!
Future Center Fairs
March 2019
L a Crosse Promise will hold two special events in March 2019 at Central and Logan High School in La Crosse.

Future Center Fairs are designed to connect students with a wide range of community organizations and opportunities.

The Fairs will kick off at Logan High School on March 19, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. followed by a second event at Central High School on March 26, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

We are inviting local employers, colleges, organizations, unions and other members of the business and non-profit community. We are bringing the "future" to the students so they can ask questions, find resources and discover the world of work and educational opportunities through connecting with the community.

Contact us at 608.789.2049.
Campus Visits 2019

January 18, 2019
Winona State/St. Mary's University

February 11, 2019
Viterbo University

March 12, 2019
University of Wisconsin-Stout (above)

Space is limited.  Sign up in the Future Center
Home for the Holidays
15th Promise Family Arrives

Joe and Courtney Smith may have their hands full with four kids under the age 8, but they are more than happy to be in a brand-new home-with a secured La Crosse Promise Scholarship for $50,000 for their family's education.
"We started building our dream house!"

The Smith family moved from Winona, MN, to their house on 6th Street at the end of October. They've gotten a chance to settle in and look forward to meeting more neighbors.
"There are so many friendly neighbors here and people who really look out for us," said Courtney, an IT specialist at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. "One neighbor told me she has lived in her grandmother's home for 47 years. She brought us banana bread when we moved in. That was so sweet!"
"Sometimes I have to take our rambunctious dogs out in the middle of the night," said Joe, a registered nurse at Gundersen Health System nearby. "I have to say, I have never come across anything suspicious even at that time of night. It's pretty quiet round here."
Courtney is a native of White Bear Lake, MN and Joe is from Fountain City, WI. Daughter Addison is 8, and daughter Olivia is 5. The girls are enrolled at State Road Elementary.   Son Bentley turns two in February and baby Paxton was born in June.  Both Bentley and Paxton are hemophiliacs. They have a blood disorder which prevents their blood from clotting with an injury. Because of this, it was important for the Smiths to be close to a hospital. 

Local contractor Spies Construction acquired and demo'ed these condemned homes within the last year. The Smiths' new home is in the center of two new structures.  The third home will be to the south of their home and is scheduled to be complete in April 2019.

"When we were in Winona, we would either have to go to Rochester or La Crosse if one of our boys got hurt.  We are so relieved to be close to the hospital now.  It was also a very long commute for Joe and I since our jobs were here," explained Courtney.
The Smith kids are a very lively bunch with lots of smiles. In their new Promise home, they each have their own room which is so nice to have room to grow.

We wanted a new house and we lucked out that we could build a new one close to my work," said Joe. "We looked around and there was nothing that really suited us. We wanted to be close to school, daycare and to the hospital in case of an emergency with our sons."
"We did visit a new home on 16th Street last year that was built by Spies Construction," said Courtney.  "The house had sold, but Delores Spies told us about the Promise program and we started planning our dream house. They were so easy to work with."
The family is excited about the scholarship finds for their children. Joe also may use a portion for a Nurse Practitioner program.
"We've been talking a lot abo ut how we are going to use the La Crosse Promise scholarship," said Joe. "It's all pretty exciting that we have this opportunity and a brand new home for our family."
Promise Eligible Homes for Sale 

Before the end of the 2018 building season, consider purchasing a La Crosse Promise Scholarship Home and secure a scholarship for yourself or your  family.   We are proud  of the impact La Crosse Promise is having on the neighborhood and the benefits to the entire communi ty.  View all of the eligible properties below.
The following properties are eligible for a La Crosse Promise Scholarship of up to $50,000 per household. 

New construction
  • 915 5th Avenue 
  • 1106 11th Street  (above)
  • 921 Farnam Street 
  • 807-811 6th Street Twindos 
  • 819 6th Street 
  • 1218 6th Street (lot available)
Interested in buying, building or renovating and becoming our next Promise family? Contact us at or call 608.792.1137.
Best wishes to all students, families and supporters this holiday season and for the new year.
We couldn't make this Promise without you
About Us 
La Crosse Promise is a non-profit dedicated to education initiatives and neighborhood revitalization. We provide advising to all of the students in the School District of La Crosse about their future plans. In addition, our neighborhood program provides qualifying homeowners up to $50,000 in education scholarships.

Serving Logan and Aquinas
Logan High School, Room 125:

Serving Central and Luther
Central High School, Room 243: 

Contact:  608.789.2049 
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