Dear Good People of St. Paul's,

This is the fifth of our monthly updates about important transitions at St. Paul’s in worship, the Search Committee work, and progress on the reconstruction. We hope you will find them encouraging and that they prompt many questions.

Susan N. Eaves , Interim Rector
Jane Nelson , Senior Warden
Lee Switz , Junior Warden

Worship News

We are now three months into our worship in Scott Hall. Many of you have spoken of the desire to maintain the renewed spirit of energy and fellowship when we return to the newly renovated church. Clearly, it has been significant to have gathered in an intimate space where we have been able to see each other more clearly and remember we are one body in Christ.

As we give thanks for that experience, please begin to reflect in your own mind about how you personally might continue that spirit in the months ahead but also voice any ideas or suggestions you might discover as you reflect on our future in the church building itself. In January we will schedule an event to gather your thoughts and explore the opportunities our reconstructed space will offer.

Renovation News
The footings for the new steel structure for the chancel have been completed. The steel frame structure has been installed. The chancel is almost ready for pouring concrete.

The shoring under the marble altar and communion rail has been removed.

The carpentry for the ramp to the chancel is underway. The floor joists have been reinforced where new marble is to be installed. The steps to the chancel are being constructed. Underlayment has been laid in most areas where new marble will be installed.

The progress of the project is being recorded on a photo blog at . You can sign up on that site to receive a notice when new information is posted and you post comments too!

Search Committee News

On September 9 th we unveiled a large display of the St. Paul’s Word Cloud, a visual representation of the attributes we value most about our church as submitted by parishioners during August. Not surprisingly, “community” stood out the most, and set the stage for us to conduct a congregational assessment to help guide the specifics of our search process. We then launched the parish wide survey to provide a clear picture of who we are as a church and what is most important for our future.

The 100 question survey tool from HolyCow! Consulting is completed online, and paper copies are available at the church for those who need them. We want ALL members to complete a survey, with the deadline extended to this Sunday, Sept. 30 th . Shortly thereafter, we will review an analysis of the survey results, and during October we will meet with various committees of the church to get additional comments. The information we gather through the survey and small group discussions inform the creation of our parish profile - the story of St. Paul's. We are currently working on a transition link with facts about the parish and other material to go on the church website. The parish profile will be circulated within the Episcopal community and is one of the primary means for potential candidates to learn more about St. Paul's.
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