The Newsletter of Fig Tree Books LLC
May, 2020: Issue #6
Fredric D. Price, Founder & Publisher
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" Birdie is a biracial girl raised by her white Jewish mother. In ' Broken Bird ,' ... the Torah portion Birdie chants in Rachel Harrison Gordon’s novice short film deals with keeping commitments – a fraught issue triggered by a distant relationship with her black father.

'Broken Bird,' which had its world premiere on February 23 at the recently finished Berlin International Film Festival, is a personal film about a lonely biracial girl. In a time of rising anti-Semitism and racism in Germany, the film’s embrace of racial differences carries an important political message. "

Essay: The Hypocrisy of the BDS Movement
Enemies of Jewish state briefly suspend anti-Semitism if Israel can save their lives.
COMMENTARY: 2020 ' midrash ' on last month's Q&A by Bill Robbins
As I read the April edition of Fig Tree Lit, my immediate attention was drawn to Robert Friedman’s Q & A (probably because, as I sat eating matzah rather than my usual Sunday bagel, it was only natural to think about Passover). Starting with his premise that the text we read is the Haggadah, which means telling, and his reference to relating a story and a two-way street, I would like to offer commentary on his Q & A to relate it specifically to this time of coronavirus.
Lag B'Omer, by Abigail Pogrebin

" This is the holiday that could finally stump me. I’ve barely heard
of the Omer, other than the phrase “Counting the Omer,” though
I never knew what we were counting. Now I see the Omer is the forty-nine days from the second day of Passover to the eve of Shavuot (which is the holiday that marks the giving of the Torah) .”