The Newsletter of Fig Tree Books LLC
January, 2021: Issue #14
Fredric D. Price, Founder & Publisher
SHORT STORY: Memory Care by Susan Kleinman,
from The Jewish Literary Journal

“Someday…” Frank Sinatra’s voice greets Ernie as he pushes open the heavy glass door, “when I’m awfully low…”
Ernie can’t remember a single day, lately, that he hasn’t been low. At the law firm, where they passed him over for partner years ago, he’s stuck handling nuisance suits and go-nowhere cases. His daughter never calls or even texts him from college. And his wife? More and more, these days, she looks at him the way she looks at the faux-marble painting she’d gotten not-quite-right in the hall bathroom – a fixer-upper project gone awry.
You know things are bad, he thinks, as he crosses the plush carpeted lobby, when the highlight of your week is visiting your mother in the nursing home.
, for used book-buyers at least.
JEWS OF DIFFERENT HUES: Nissim Black. "I'm Hitler's worst nightmare." 

Nissim Black knows that wherever he goes, he’s going to turn heads.
“There’s always these questions,” the rapper explains to me from his home in Israel. “Like, ‘Well, are you still black? How black are you? How does that work? But you’re also Jewish? Jews are white?’ No they’re not!”
The questions annoy him, and rightfully so. Yes, he’s black and Jewish and Orthodox. No, that combination does not make him any less of any of those identities.
Whether you're celebrating the beginning of a new year or any other occasion, it's always good to listen to Ode to Joy in English or Yiddish.
ESSAY: In the Year of a Cure, One Disease Still Can’t Be Licked by Thane Rosenbaum, from The Jewish Journal

"...however, as the year wound down, global Jewry was reminded that Jewish life is still very cheap."
MY JEWISH YEAR: Tu B'Shvat, Chapter 13
"Mike Wallace, the legendary 60 Minutes correspondent, kept to a Tu B’Shvat diet. When I was one of his broadcast producers years ago, Wallace prided himself on his intake of nuts and raisins, insisting they were
the secret to his longevity and jet-black hair.

"Mike, rest his soul, would never have called his regimen the Tu B’Shvat Diet, because he couldn’t have told you what Tu B’Shvat was (he was a proud Jew without ritual), but it occurs to me that he was on to Because he lived to ninety-three and never went gray."
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