Massachusetts Republican Party launches anti-censorship petition campaign

Feb. 16, 2021


CONTACT: Evan Lips, communications director
617-523-5005 ext. 245

WOBURN -- The Massachusetts Republican Party unveiled an anti-censorship petition on Tuesday that Chairman Jim Lyons said is long overdue.

The MassGOP's pro-First Amendment "Free Speech Has a Home Here" campaign is now underway, bolstered by last month's Massachusetts Republican State Committee vote backing a resolution opposing censorship.

Republican State Committeeman Jay Fleitman, who along with Republican State Committeewoman Mary Lou Stuart introduced the resolution, said the campaign will feature signs, bumper stickers, and organized stand-outs to raise awareness.
"Big Tech has done everything from shutting down access to alternative social media sites to outright censoring factual news reports critical of their preferred presidential candidate," Fleitman said. "The fact that this is going on in the online public square, with the tacit approval of Congress, should alarm everyone, regardless of political affiliation."
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