October 2020
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Kim's Corner

Let’s face it. 2020 has been a tough year. We are impoverished people; an impoverished community—but we can do better. Poverty (by all definitions) has and will continue to be a long-standing issue for humanity. I’m not just talking about the basic necessities of life. There are also social, economic, and political poverties eroding our community. The personal and social costs include financial hardship, homelessness and housing stress, family tensions, mental health crisis resulting in shame and stigma, increased social isolation, and ill-health. This, combined with poverty due to the pandemic, natural catastrophes and environmental changes is growing. Racial and political conflicts are also impoverishing all sides. Poverty is also a perceived loss of hope. Poverty is when we feel that there is no one who will help.

That’s why the work of United Way of Yellowstone County is so critical, especially right now. United Way provides help and hope for everyone. An important way to help eradicate all types of poverty is to work for peaceful, real solutions for all of humanity. To begin to alleviate poverty, adequate income and meaningful employment opportunities, safe and affordable childcare, quality education, decent housing, adequate medical and mental health care are being addressed by United Way at a systems level to keep Yellowstone County strong and thriving.

Poverty, at its core, is not simply about a lack of money, but a lack of community. When we talk about poverty as an issue of hope and wholeness instead of merely an issue of financial well-being, we move closer to addressing the heart of the issue.

Poverty appears to be such an overwhelming reality that it might feel like there is little one human being can do. Yet we are encouraged to care for those in our midst who are in need and marginalized. The reality is that if our community is to become what it should be, what it deserves, then we all must reach out to care for those who are in need. Together, we can LIVE UNITED and provide community for those that have none.

When we care for others, their issues become our issues. Advocacy can also be a means for getting to know others in community. Consider what issues in our community inspire you and how you might get involved through volunteering. Advocacy is a United Way cornerstone.

While our partner agencies, nonprofits, and churches respond to immediate needs by providing food, clothing and shelter, United Way is called to challenge the systems and practices that have led to economic inequality, poverty and hunger.

The United Way Annual Campaign is happening now. You can join in! Follow this link to make a 1 time gift, or call 406.252.8504 to get your company involved in helping eliminate poverty from Yellowstone County.
Our building is still operating on a limited basis, please reach out to us directly to ensure someone will be around if you need to stop by.
We are in the midst of our Annual Campaign. Every year we rely on the community's generosity of giving to ensure the vital programs we run, the coalitions we host, and the support to our local nonprofit partners can continue.

We understand that the past 6 months have left a lot of our neighbors in difficult financial position. If you are in need of resources, 211 is available by phone or website to get you connected.
If you are able, consider participating in this year's Annual Campaign.
Workplace Campaigns
If your workplace is running a Campaign, please fill out your pledge card.

If you would like more information about running a Campaign, reach out to our Communications and Campaign Coordinator - Lisa McDaniel
We are harnessing the power of social media with a Peer-to-Peer Campaign this year.

Simply donate and feel good for making a difference!

Take it a step further and hardness your network to make an even bigger impact!

Online Giving
As always, our website is able to accept your one-time or recurring donation.

You can also mail your contribution to:

United Way of Yellowstone County
2173 Overland Ave
Billings, MT 59101
2020 Census
The Census deadline has been extended to Oct. 31. If you haven't already, take a couple moments to complete your Census survey.

Our community depends on an accurate count to ensure we are allocated proper funding, resources, and government representation.

With approximately 26,000 households left to count, Montana is currently missing out on at least $520,000,000 in vital funding over the next decade.

Make a difference, be counted!
Stay warm while showing you LIVE UNITED by rocking our new gaiters*! We've got you, your family or your whole staff covered (literally). Let us know how many you need!
*These fabric tubes are meant to show support of United Way and don’t guarantee the blockage of respiratory droplets or slow the spread of viruses. United Way of Yellowstone County will offer safe, local pick-up.
Ongoing Events
  • Caring in Action
  • We are pivoting our annual volunteer day - Day of Caring - to perpetually providing high-quality volunteer opportunities for businesses, groups and individuals! It is our hope that this shift will allow for more flexibility with agencies and companies to make a big impact in Yellowstone County while abiding by current health precautions.
  • 2020 Annual Campaign
  • The work we do cannot be accomplished without the support of our community. We are gearing up for a more modern campaign with better ways for you to connect with our work!
Does your family, service organization, social group or company want to give back to our community through volunteering? Click the picture above to view current volunteer opportunities in Yellowstone County!

If you would like your organization's opportunities listed, contact Pam:
[email protected], 406.272.8510