To our Transformation Ministries and TM School of Ministry Community,
We are writing you let you know that the safety and health of our staff, volunteers, students, and clients remains our top priority. As the novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) is having a greater impact in the United States, we are continuing to pray for those infected, and coming against the virus in Jesus’ name. We do not want to give way to a spirit of fear, but remain in power, love, and sound mind of Christ.

Because this is a rapidly-evolving situation, we feel it is important to reach out to you about the steps we are taking across our ministry to help keep you, our staff, and our community safe and healthy.

As part of our commitment to your health and well-being, we are carefully monitoring the COVID-19 situation with regular updates and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Alabama Department of Health, as well as additional government agencies and health care providers. We are also keeping a close eye on outbreak reports around the Birmingham Area and our off-site campus '.

Because of recent out breaks in Birmingham and in compliance with public official's request for minimum group meetings, we are planning that classes at the WMU are cancelled and for the next three weeks lessons will be online. Email your homework to your small group leaders. Offline campuses will be able to conduct small groups as they determine at the local level. These classes will not be counted against you for certification and we understand that during this emergency time period we will all have to remain flexible. We plan to be back in class the week April 7-9 unless things do not get better. Another email and our website will reflect any new changes.

For all those that are planning to do RTF Activation, that is still scheduled for training on March the 30th and for April 3-4. Please get your PQs in to Patti as soon as possible via email or mail it in to TM 100 Missionary Ridge, Birmingham, AL 35242.

We are all praying for a quick resolve to this virus emergency and getting back to operations as normal. The TM office will be closed til Mar 30th.

The Staff at Transformation Ministries
For more information on COVID-19 visit:
Transformation Ministries
100 Missionary Ridge
Birmingham, AL 35242