The Sheriffs Association will once again sponsor an Operation Safe Child booth at the 2016 NY State Fair in Syracuse, from August 25 through Labor Day, September 5 2016 .

We have been given a new and larger location this year, in the Science and Industry Building, which is near the main gate and close to the popular midway and special events venues. In each of the prior years we have issued nearly 5,000 Operation Safe Child ID’s, answered an untold number of questions and distributed thousands of pages of materials on the Office of Sheriff.

With our new and improved location we are hoping to reach many more Fair-goers. The booth is open from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily and is staffed by Deputy Sheriffs, volunteer citizens and Sheriffs’ Association employees. It is especially important to have a law enforcement presence, and the Fair is a good opportunity to show off our great Deputy Sheriffs from across the State. We thank those Sheriffs who have detailed their Deputies to the Operation Safe Child booth in prior years.

Civil Deputy Sue Alverado of the Cayuga County Sheriff’s   Office, with the approval of Sheriff Dave Gould, has once again agreed to handle the monumental task of scheduling all the necessary staffing in advance of the Fair, as well as supervising the booth during the course of the Fair. Our thanks to Sue and to Sheriff Gould for this.

All Sheriffs should have recently received a request to provide Deputies or other staff for the booth. All Sheriffs are encouraged to consider whether or not this is a project they would be able to help us with.  Deputy Alverado will be reaching out to Sheriffs over the next few months and we hope all Sheriffs will give her whatever cooperation they can.