Volume 405
Special Accreditation Issue
The Sheriffs featured in this issue, along with all of New York's Sheriffs, have been working hard to earn accreditations for their offices. The Sheriffs' Association offers four accreditation programs: corrections, court security, civil, and 911 communications (PSAP) to assist the sheriffs in maintaining the highest standards of professionalism. The NYS Law Enforcement Agency Accreditation Council, on which three of our Sheriffs sit, offers accreditation of Sheriffs’ Law Enforcement divisions. The blue-shaded counties in the map to the left hold at least one accreditation.

The accreditation process improves operations, increases morale, reduces incidences of liability, reduces insurance costs and presents a professional image to the community. In this issue, we highlight the recent accreditations that have been earned by Sheriffs around our state.  Click here for more information about NYSSA's   accreditation programs.
Columbia County Sheriff David Bartlett Earns Fourth Accreditation
Columbia County Sheriff David Bartlett  has earned accreditation of his Court Security Division from the Sheriffs' Association. Columbia County Deputy Sheriff Michael Sterling  and  First Sergeant Louis Bray  led the successful accreditation effort. Sheriff Bartlett also holds accreditation of his Civil and Corrections divisions from the Sheriffs' Association and accreditation of his Law Enforcement Division from the NYS Law Enforcement Agency Accreditation Council.  Job well done!
Erie County Sheriff Timothy Howard Continues His County's Tradition of Accreditation Leadership
Erie County Sheriff Timothy Howard  is on a roll. In the last 2 months, his Corrections Division has earned accreditation and his Civil Division has earned re-accreditation from the Sheriffs' Association. His Law Enforcement Division also holds accreditation from the NYS Law Enforcement Agency Accreditation Council.

Erie County’s Civil Division was the first accredited unit in New York. It first received accreditation in 1995 and has been continuously reaccredited. 

Sheriff Howard gave particular thanks to Civil Chief John A. Anthony and Chief Account Clerk Kristin LoVallo, who led the civil office re-accreditation effort.

With respect to the jail accreditation effort, Sheriff Howard praised the entire jail staff for their hard work which resulted in accreditation, and gave special recognition to Superintendent Thomas Diina, First Deputy Superintendent John Rodriguez, Chief Phil Kuppel, Captain Jeffrey Hartman, Sergeant Lisa Jenkins, Sergeant Robert Cathcart, Crystal Quinn, RN, and Ms. Hannah Dinse for leadership and dedication to the Corrections Accreditation effort.

Erie is now one of 26 counties in New York State that have qualified for at least 3 accreditations.

Congratulations to all!
Photo (above): At a September press event in Buffalo, Executive Director Kehoe presented Sheriff Howard and his corrections staff with a certificate of Corrections Divisio n Accreditation. (From l to r): Superintendent Thomas Diina, Executive Director Peter Kehoe, Sheriff Tim Howard, Sergeant Lisa Jenkins, First Deputy Superintendent John Rodriguez
Photo (above): In October, Civil Division Accreditation was formally presented. (l to r): Chief John A. Anthony,Sheriff Tim Howard, Executive Director Peter Kehoe, and Chief Account Clerk Kristin LoVallo.
Madison County Acting Sheriff John Ball Earns his First Re-Accreditation
Madison County Acting Sheriff John Ball  has earned Re-Accreditation of his Corrections Division from the Sheriffs' Association. Roughly half of the counties in New York State have received this accreditation. Sheriff Ball acknowledged the hard work of Captain Tim Flynn, Lieutenant Jeff Franceschelli, Lieutenant Hohn Black, Sandra Conklin, RN, and Deputy David Kroll for their ongoing leadership to maintain this important accreditation effort.  Nice work!

Photo right (l to r): NYS Sheriff’s Association Executive Director Peter Kehoe presents re-accreditation to Captain Timothy Flynn and Acting Sheriff John Ball before the Madison County Board of Supervisors at the Madison County Office Building. (Sentinel photo by Roger Seibert)
Schenectady County Sheriff Dominic Dagostino's Corrections Division Earns Re-Accreditation
Sheriff Dominic Dagostino  and his Corrections Division have earned re-accreditation from the Sheriffs' Association. Executive Director Peter Kehoe presented a certificate of re-accreditation before the Schenectady County Legislature, recognizing the hard work and dedication involved in this accomplishment. Sheriff Dagostino thanked Captain Jack Purdy, Sergeant Lloyd Robistow, Sergeant Adam Catalano, Officer Michael Digioacchino, Officer Eric Jacobs, and Officer Jonathan Gerardo for leading the re-accreditation effort.  Well done!

Photo: Executive Director Peter Kehoe and Sheriff Dominic Dagostino hold Re-Accreditation plaque surrounded by members of the Schenectady County Correction Division team that led the Re-Accreditation effort. (From l to r): Training Coordinator Eric Jacobs, Captain Joseph Dean, Chief Deputy John LuBrant, Sergeant Adam Catalano, Superintendent James Barrett, Officer Jonathan Gerardo, Executive Director Peter Kehoe, Captain Jack Purdy, Sheriff Dominic Dagostino, Officer Michael DiGioacchino, UnderSheriff Gordon Pollard.
Yates County Sheriff Ron Spike Sets a High Bar with Accreditations
Yates County Sheriff Ronald Spike  has earned accreditation of his Court Security Division from the Sheriffs' Association. Yates County was the 2nd in the State to earn this accreditation 10 years ago.

Yates County Undersheriff Howard Davis, Jr.  and  Sergeant Diane DeKay  led the successful accreditation effort.

Under Sheriff Spike's leadership, his Civil, Correction and PSAP divisions have all earned accreditation from the Sheriffs' Association and his Law Enforcement division holds accreditation from the NYS Law Enforcement Agency Accreditation Council. Yates County is one of six counties in New York to hold all five accreditations that are available to a Sheriff's Office.  Keep up the good work!

Photo: Executive Director Peter Kehoe, Sheriff Ron Spike and Sergeant Diane DeKay.
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