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We know our newsletters can be less than exhilarating. Sometimes we’d prefer to be writing about the Jacksonville Jaguars and their new coach & QB or perhaps the latest additions to the local culinary scene. Our job, however, is to be a resource for investment & rental property owners & investors and community homeowners. To that end, we have two topics to touch on as storm season drags on…

Property Adjusters

Prior to filing a claim on any kind of substantial direct/physical loss it is recommended to contact a Professional Public Adjuster. Such losses are hurricane, tornado, extensive pipe damage and roofing. A public adjuster helps manage your claim and will work directly with your insurance company. A Public Adjuster will also maximize the fair value of your claim.

It is recommended to hire a public adjuster before hiring an attorney to avoid litigation and retain more of the settlement. The cost may be incorporated into the claim (varies by situation) and typically represents up to 10% of claim. Clarify these points with the adjuster up front. Here's the benefit:

·          Assist you in understanding your policy.
·          Saves you time.
·          Resolves your claim quicker.
·          Protects your rights as a policy holder.
·          Ensures fair value for your claim.

Pre-Loss Inspection is many times a service FREE of charge.

HOA Violations

These can be up to $1000 per occurrence! It is imperative that when the letter/notice is received that you get it to us ASAP so we can take action, most notably to facilitate a notice to the resident. 

Lastly, we have tons of press on the continued unfolding eviction moratorium situation. If you would like us to send it to you OR if you have any questions about any of the above or would like more information, email marketing

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