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        June 2014

This month we'd like to tell you about two conferences coming up this fall that focus on both coastal and inland marine erosion control issues and solutions: 

  • The Northeast Shore and Beach Preservation Association Conference, September 17 and 18 at the Holiday Inn in Taunton, MA. 
  • The International Erosion Control Northeast Chapter Conference and Trade Exposition, November 4-6 in Lake Morey, VT. 

Programs for the conferences are still being finalized so look for links for conference details in an upcoming issue of our Newsletter.  We hope you enjoy this month's Newsletter and remember, we welcome your comments questions and feedback!


Coir Mattress and Geo Cells - A Biodegradable Alternative

Gabion mattresses have been long used as an erosion control measure to stabilize coastal banks, stream banks, hillsides, and other landforms experiencing erosion. Traditionally, gabion mattresses have been made from either steel wire or high density polyethylene (HDPE). 


In the last four years, however, NETCO has developed and tested an alternative design using biodegradable coir (woven coconut fiber) fabric instead of steel and wire.  The NETCO gabion mattress is a three or four layer coir system with an inner liner layer of jute.  As with traditional gabion mattresses, the coir mattress is filled with sand, rock or a combination of the two.  Depending on the steepness of the slope or coastal bank we include a varying number of inner baffles to create cells in order to stop the material from sliding inside the mattress.


Gabion mattresses can be used in a variety of settings including coastal dunes and shoreline coastal banks, shoreline landforms, and inland river and marine applications.  The gabion mattresses allow for re-vegetation, vegetated channels, and surface protection to deflect rainwater runoff.  They are also useful in bioengineering applications where slope stabilization is required while vegetation is established.  The coir mattress can be made in virtually any dimension. 


In the last year, NETCO has worked with its suppliers to develop a coir geo cell product.  The coir geo cell is designed to be an alternative to conventional plastic geo cells where the design requires a biodegradable material.  The coir geo cell is 100% coir biodegradable.  The dimensions vary depending on the application.   It is designed to hold rock, sand or other soil materials or any combination of the two. 


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Coconuts, base material for coir fiber.
Coconuts-the base material for coir.  They're not just for eating!
Coir mattresses stabilizing reconstructed coastal dune
Geocells filled with gravel for roadbed use.
Geo cell filled with gravel for
roadbed construction
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Using coir logs for bank stabilization in low velocity inland marine and coastal locations.

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