In support of your business excellence journey we've created a number of continuous improvement opportunities we hope you can attend. Visit our website to view a complete calendar of upcoming events.
Continuous Improvement opportunities for you
Get TWI Certified in 2019!
Our TWI Certification Program can help you and your company reach your CI goals. Classes begin:

Do you have or plan to undertake serious continuous improvement efforts within your organization? Training Within Industry (TWI) is the next step in creating and sustaining a lean culture. It enables you to:

  • Build front-line leader skills through better job relations and training
  • On-board new hires more effectively, leading to higher productivity
  • Enhance retention through more effective training and coaching practices

Optima’s TWI Certification Program aims to deliver a better-skilled workforce, improved labor and management relations, productivity improvements and a focus on continuous improvement. Our three-component TWI program is the ideal process for training people within your organization who are responsible for mentoring others in job skills, monitoring and effectively managing continuous improvement initiatives and doing so with consistent and proven results. Three, one-day sessions conducted throughout the year, will certify you in Job Instruction (JI), Job Methods (JM) and Job Relations (JR) skills.
Top management must lead by example. They must go to the workplace to see the day-to-day, hour-by-hour problems and challenges and give people not the answers, but the time. Discover how to inspire the curiosity and commitment to service guided by core values that serve both customer and company.

Maasaki Imai (Father of Kaizen) is quoted as saying Kaizen, otherwise known as Continuous Improvement, means; Everybody, Everywhere, Everyday. The challenge/direction is clear; Engage people! Stay engaged yourself and spread commitment!

We invite you to come and be engaged in a lively Breakfast Series discussion of key elements of engaging your work teams to successfully move your organization along on the journey to success.

In this special LUNCHEON session you'll discover the impact culture and employee engagement have on performance and how to really change it for the better? Since culture sets the tone for an organization, and all organizations have a culture, the question is, does yours support and encourage continuous improvement?

Improving the layout of your operations can boost your efficiency and reduce costs. An efficient facility layout can increase flow of work, information and material around the site. A facility not designed with safety, quality and efficiency in mind, can limit production, slow processes and impact overall profitability.

UPCOMING Continuous Improvement Alliance events
We've made it easier for you to plan attendance at Continuous Improvement Alliance events in 2019. Click on the calendar icon at right and see what's coming up!
Alliance groups are vital to your continuous improvement efforts
Your business plays a key role in our state’s and nation’s economic growth. By sharing best practices and helping one another with specific issues, our Continuous Improvement Alliance and Service Alliance supports continued growth.

With monthly events held at member companies, you have an opportunity to engage with continuous improvement professionals and see first hand what other’s are doing to ensure success. We have six Alliance groups in Wisconsin. Member companies can attend monthly Optima Breakfast Sessions for free held in
Waukesha, Wausau and De Pere, Wisconsin. We also have a Continuous Improvement Consortium in Minnesota.

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