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Former Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn Announces

Run for Virginia's 10th Congressional District

Virginia’s first woman and first Jewish person to serve as Speaker of the House of Delegates today made the following statement announcing her intentions to run in Virginia’s open 10th Congressional District, currently represented by Rep. Jennifer Wexton:   

“First and foremost, I was truly devastated to learn of my friend Jennifer Wexton’s recent diagnosis. Jennifer has served Virginia selflessly both in Richmond and Washington. She is an incredible person and a stalwart representative for her constituents. Her work is improving the lives of so many in our commonwealth and our country. Bob and I are continuing to pray for her and her family.

“I am also continuing to fight relentlessly in these remaining 20 days until November 7th, working arm-in-arm with many thousands of Virginians determined to ensure that Democrats regain the majority in the House of Delegates and keep our Virginia State Senate majority in order to protect and expand our historic progress at the state level.

“In recent weeks, I have heard from many Democrats across Virginia’s 10th Congressional District urging me to keep serving and to run for this seat. After careful consideration I have decided to do just that. 

“As a Jewish American, I have deeply felt the tragedies of the past few weeks. Congress has been left rudderless at a time of global uncertainty. The American people and our allies abroad deserve better than this.

“The chaos in Washington and the extremism of MAGA Republicans is making America weaker, both at home and across the world, threatening our economy, our allies, our health and our freedoms, including the right to vote and a woman’s right to choose. VA-10 deserves someone in Washington who can get to work on day one to take on the chaos and extremism that threatens our very way of life. My experience and record show that I can get the job done and protect Virginians from the unprecedented threats posed by MAGA Republicans. 

"The stakes are so high in Virginia, in our nation, and as we have seen in such shocking clarity - around the world. We need leaders who, just like Jennifer Wexton, will be fearless and effective in the fights that matter most. That is why I am running for the United States Congress.”


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