Kickstarter + future Monkey Towns

Sobremesa - Kickstarter Trailer for feature-length film
Sobremesa - Kickstarter Trailer

Long time, no email. Well,  Monkey Town is currently in the its dormant, diapause stage, so we only send messages when we have BIG NEWS...

Yes, this is BIG NEWS and a big call for help. Founding director,  Montgomery Knott , launched a Kickstarter for his first feature film 2 weeks ago:

Early Reviews of our Trailer

"Shitballs crazy"
- Montgomery's sister
- good friend
"Wow, you've really narrowed your audience"
- lead actor 

We totally AGREE. And while the Trailer doesn't really reflect the tone or content of the film-to-be, it captures some of the absurd melodrama of the story.

As Gabriel García Márquez said:

Guatemalans are among you, but they're not yours. Guatemalans drink in the same cup of joy and bitterness. They make music from their crying and laugh at the music. Guatemalans take jokes seriously and make serious jokes. 

Amen, Mr. Márquez. 

FOUR things to consider about this Trailer + the Kickstarter:
1. We received a $10,000 challenge from a generous friend. If we raise $20K, they'll cover the rest. Let's do this.
2. Even $10 is helpful. You can also SHARE with friends.
3. This is the 10+ minute Director's Cut of the 13+ minute original. First 1/2 is sublime info, second 1/2 cures insomnia.

4. There are just 15 DAYS LEFT.

Custom Monkey Town Vans Slip-Ons are available as a reward. "Sobremesa" versions available too.



It is true. This past Monday, in Seoul, Korea , we transformed the CUBE into a TRIANGULAR tent for a one-night event for Vogue Magazine . This is a toe-dipping first step into a possible partnership that would bring Monkey Town to Korea, Japan and other destinations in Asia. Special thanks to curator/organizer  Aaron Young-lae Cho for shepherding this event and elevating my hand gestures into install beauty.

And for our most intrepid fans, we are in the early stages of scouting locations and meeting with Chefs to open Monkey Town Mexico City in November of 2018, through the MACO/Material Art Fairs in February 2019. 

¡Vamos gente!
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