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2014 Legislative Wrap Up
Rep. LBJ and her daughter Lyndon say "THANK YOU FOR A GREAT SESSION."
Dear District 62 Neighbors,

      This year we completed the legislative session in record time.  We have several changes to education, criminal justice and social service laws in Georgia.  There are some things I am proud to have helped to provide our citizens, but many things I am concerned are taking Georgia in the wrong direction. 
     As usual my request for you is that you GET ENGAGED in your community.  I hope that throughout the session I was able to provide you with updates and info that kept you informed. 
    During this legislative off season I will work with my aides to craft thoughtful legislation for the 2015 session.  This is your time to contact my office to talk about the laws you think should be proposed in Georgia. 
    Thank you for allowing me to continue to serve you.

State Representative
LaDawn "LBJ" Jones
Community members help to clean up Camp Creek Marketplace in conjunction with the CCBA and the South Fulton Business Coalition.
     The Camp Creek Business Association (CCBA) is a group organized to ensure that the Marketplace is a place for our community to LIVE, WORK, and PLAY.  The group aims at ensuring brick and mortar as well as at-home businesses have input into the Marketplace.  We also aim to preserve the way of life in our business community. 
     CCBA meets every fourth Thursday of the month.  This month we are meeting early to accommodate our host.  During the April 17th meeting we will hear from the CODE ENFORCEMENT departments of East Point, Atlanta, and Fulton County to ensure that the Marketplace is well maintained. 
      Meetings are open to the entire community and we would love to see you there.  Please join us.  For questions call my office.
State Representative Jones and Gov. Nathan Deal welcomes Omega Psi Phi to the Capitol.
Rep. LBJ passes her first bill out of the House and earns the FRESHMAN FISH from colleague Ronnie Mabra.
LBJ and her District 62 page and Speaker Ralston.
       Please see the below video updates listing the highlights of the 2014 Legislative Session.  This series of short updates was created to make staying ENGAGED with the current laws a little easier.  The below updates include information about:
  •  LOCAL LEGISLATION - in Fulton and Douglas; Budget changes
  • CRIMINAL JUSTICE CHANGES - the gun bill; superspeeder laws; home invasion law
  • EDUCATION CHANGES - HOPE scholarship changes; Zell Miller Scholars
  • SOCIAL SERVICES - TANF drug testing; Obamacare blocking bill and more.  
    2014 Legislative Update - Local Legislation and Georgia Budget 
    2014 Legislative Update - Local Legislation and Georgia Budget

2014 Legislative Update - Criminal Justice Part 1
2014 Legislative Update - Criminal Justice Part 1

2014 Legislative Update - Criminal Justice Changes Pt 2
2014 Legislative Update - Criminal Justice Changes Pt 2

2014 Legislative Update - Social Service Changes
2014 Legislative Update - Social Service Changes
2014 Legislative Update - Education
2014 Legislative Update - Education

     Please watch and share to keep others informed. If you are interested in having these videos on disk to share with your church or community group, please contact my office.  


An open letter about VOTER SUPPRESSION for
HB 704 the referendum to create a city in South Fulton.


     Much of my efforts this session included passage of HB704 for the 85,000 residents in south Fulton County.   It was reported to me by the Lt. Governor that the Mayor of Atlanta requested that the bill be stopped.  Calls to the Mayor's office were returned by his staff who stated "it was the Mayor's right to request this bill be stopped, that is the way politics works."  The Mayor's office is correct.  In politics people who have power and connections can CHOOSE to wield that power in anyway they choose.  This session Mayor Reed's power was aimed squarely at his own former district. 

     As a voter, a resident, and elected official it saddens me that such direct voter suppression would occur in 2014.  While fighting feverishly against Republican attempts to stop Obamacare, to limit attacks on women's reproductive rights, and protect south Fulton from last years' attacks by north Fulton representatives, it never occurred to me that I had to protect my constituents from voter suppression by their own former State Senator.  If I sound angry I am, because as a student at Westlake I studied voter suppression, I did not expect to experience it.  In this case, the suppression was unnecessary. 

     Voter suppression is defined as "a strategy to influence the outcome of an election by preventing people from exercising the right to vote." Suppression is distinguished from campaigning in that the latter attempts to win a position by persuading the opinions of potential voters in an organized way. HB 704 would have allowed more than 85,000 residents of South Fulton county to VOTE about living in what would have been the 3rd largest city in Fulton County and one of the only cities in the U.S. created and maintained by a majority of African American elected officials and  residents in recent decades.  Mayor Reed's visit to the Capitol is the one thing that stopped that vote. 
      This bill passed the scrutiny of more than thirty town hall and community meetings, subcommittee and full committee hearings in the House and Senate.  It represented the will of the people.  The  will of the people was clear in one thing....that it was unclear.  There were some for a new city, some against it, and some that still didn't know.  HB 704 and the political process allowed each group to campaign fairly for their position and cast a personal and individual vote. The question about whether the current population was for or against a new city would have been put to rest.  Now we may never know... thank you Mr. Mayor. 

     When I presented HB704 to our community, I explained it as one option in a set of options including the referendum, annexation, or remaining unincorporated. Communities always had the opportunity to avail themselves of the annexation option in 2008, 09, 10, 11, or 12.  Even still, an amendment was added giving all communities until August 2014 to gather the petitions needed to annex if that was their preferred option.  Yet it appears that compromise is not important when you have power and bravado.  
     Suppressing a vote of another whether it be based on race, gender, or power is wrong. I've always held the Mayor in high esteem. But respectfully Mr. Mayor, you owe 85,000 apologies to all of south Fulton.  Political power should be used for good.  Instead of suppressing the vote of the people, you should have used that power and influence to encourage timely annexation for those who wanted it. If their annexation attempts failed like they did in 2006 then THAT should have been "just the way politics works."

    To my constituents in south Fulton County I can assure you that I am a FEARLESS advocate for your interest.  Whether you were for or against a new city does not matter at this point.  What matters is your voice will not be heard, that is not something I can sit quietly by and allow happen.  I am here to represent YOU and your interest.   For weeks, I've debated whether or not to make an issue out of a matter I cannot change at this point.  But it occurred to me, as I walked in 105 degree heat asking for your vote, I promised to not be a typical politician too afraid to take on the powerful.  I took on the Speaker of the House in 2013 when your county commission seats were changed and I will take on the Mayor, Governor, or President if it is necessary for your interest.  The cost of publically battling another democrat, a fellow Westlake grad, a south Fulton neighbor, my former State Senator, and the most powerful Mayor in the state is worth every penny because HE WAS WRONG! 

    During the snow storm the Mayor accepted fault for his part but also clearly laid blame where it belonged.  I will follow his lead.  I should not have assumed that the Mayor would not wield unrelenting power to stop the will of the people.  Mr. Mayor will you acknowledge your role in what may be the largest black on black voter suppression in American history?   My hope is that the Mayor will recognize he went too far and will circle around and work to correct it.  I can forgive the Mayor and ask our neighbors to do the same.  Our community can heal and we can move forward.  I guess we will all have to wait and see.


Sincerely suppressed,


Rep. LaDawn LBJ Jones 


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