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Volume 10 | June 23, 2018
Camp Card Weekly News & Updates
"Strive for 25" Super Drawing Winners
$50 Amazon Gift Card:
  • J. Martin - Pack 229, General Nash
  • B. Vacha - Troop 605, Minquas

$75 Amazon Gift Card:
  • R. Davis - Pack 231, Lafayette
  • A. Ryder - Troop 219, Constellation

$100 Amazon Gift Card:
  • B. Lanoza - Pack 226, Roosevelt
  • M. Leon - Troop 7, Washington

$150 Amazon Gift Card:
  • C. Jackson - Troop 2, Conestoga
  • N. Molinaro - Pack 111, Roosevelt
"Strive for 25" Winners - Week #9
  • D. Brooks - Pack 500, Roosevelt
  • V. Bush - Pack 485, Conestoga
  • M. O’Reilly - Pack 416, Lafayette
  • R. Spiller - Troop 219, Constellation
  • A. Tipping - Troop 277, Minquas
Still Want to Sell? Participate in the Second Sale
Want to keep selling Camp Cards? Pre-purchase 2018 Camp Cards (ACME and/or Landis versions) for $2 per card in multiples of 25 cards (up to 200 cards per transaction). Sell for $5 per card and get a 60% unit commission (versus the normal 50%). All sales are final. Absolutely no returns. Cards expire December 31, 2018.

Purchasing these cards must be done on behalf of a Scouting unit--no exceptions. Cards are offered for fundraising purposes only and support sending members to summer camp and other Scouting activities. The individuals selling these cards will receive no direct financial benefit.

Online ordering for the second sale closes on July 20, 2018.
Account Balances
June 1 was the deadline to close-out the sale. Thank you to the vast majority of our units that paid on time. If your unit is delinquent, please make payment immediately. The chartered organizations of any units past due will receive collection notices if payments are not received by June 30.

You may request a copy of your unit's invoice by sending a request to You can settle-up/pay your invoice at the Firestone Scouting Resource Center in Wayne or over the phone (610-688-6900).
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