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´╗┐Drought Update

November 10, 2022


  • Despite receiving less than average amounts of rain in October and early November, drought conditions have improved. According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, currently, 3.23% of the state in the Seacoast Region and a very small area in the southwest corner of the state is experiencing moderate drought, 32.76% of the state remains abnormally dry, and 64% of the state is under normal conditions.

  • New Hampshire is expected to receive from 1.25"- 3" of rain on Friday night and Saturday morning. The least amount of rain is expected to fall on the Seacoast Region, which is also the driest part of the state.

  • The 6-10 day and 8-14 day outlooks lean toward below normal precipitation and favors below normal temperatures.

  • The long-term seasonal outlooks for November, December, and January indicate equal chances of below-normal, normal, and above-normal precipitation and lean toward above normal temperatures.

The Message

As there is no strong indicator of significant dryness in the next few months, temperatures are cool, and the growing season is over, the entire state is likely to return to normal conditions by early winter per designation of the U.S. Drought Monitor.

Note that there are areas of low streamflows and below normal groundwater levels across the state. Some good soaking rains before the end of the recharge season, which occurs at the end of December, and a heavy snowpack will be needed for the state's water resources to recover from longer term precipitation deficits.

This will be the last drought update of the season and NHDES will no longer be maintaining the outdoor water use restriction list.

Drought Conditions and Water Use Restrictions

U.S. Drought Monitor

This week's U.S. Drought Monitor indicates the following:

  • 3.23% of the state is experiencing "moderate drought" conditions.

  • 32.76% of the state is experiencing "abnormally dry" conditions.

  • 64.00 % of the state is experiencing normal conditions.

Map of New Hampshire showing the drought designation across the state by the US Drought Monitor.

Water Use Restrictions List

  • The list was last update on November 3, 2022. Due to alleviation of drought conditions across much of the state, the water restriction list will no longer be updated.

Hydrological Conditions

October NH Geological Survey Monthly Groundwater Level Report

Map of New Hampshire showing the monthly percent normal precipitation across the state in October 2022 and the percentile class of each well in the New Hampshire Groundwater Well Monitoring Network.

USGS Streamflows

Map of New Hampshire showing the 7-day average streamflows compared to historical streamflows for that day of the year.

Precipitation Amounts

Observed Precipitation Received

Map of the Northeast indicating percent of normal precipitation over the 14-days previous to November 9 2022.

Forecasts and Outlooks

Precipitation and Temperature Outlooks

Maps of the Northeast showing the 6 to 10 day precipitation and temperature outlooks.
Maps of the Northeast showing the 8 to 14 day precipitation and temperature outlooks.
Maps of the Northeast showing the 3 month precipitation and temperature outlooks from November 2022 through January 2023.

Quantitative Precipitation Forecast

A map of New England showing the expected rainfall between November 9 2022 and November 16 2022.
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