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Being stuck hurts.

It's particularly demoralizing when you're unsure what's going on because you work hard! Maybe you're so close to your finish line, you're 7/8 of the way there. Whether your cherished goal is in career, relationships, financials, health, creativity and/or personal growth... you mysteriously grind to a halt. You feel alone and you may have come to this Final 8th stuck point before (again and again)!

You want to give up AND you want to double down.
Guess what? Don't do either.

Join us this May and harness the power of a little known truth:
...and for excellent reasons...

The Final 8th method, based on the premise our healthy personality consists of many Inner Selves, encompasses what I've learned over years of successfully helping clients triumph. But I can only help a few at a time in my private practice. That's why I wrote my book and offer two to three Final 8th Masterclasses a year. I want to galvanize many people to go from impasse to kickass.

Prior to practicing the Final 8th/Voice Dialogue method, one client admitted she would not have had the nerve to even apply to her dream job. In our work together, she began to identify different Inner Selves and their gifts and stings. She became familiar with the competing agendas of her different Alter Egos putting her in a double bind, forcing her to a standstill. The Final 8th process ignites unique intelligences and fosters courage and optimism. Ultimately, she dared to apply and was eventually offered the career-changing position. She literally drove off into the sunset to relocate to a stunning destination.

Enroll now in May's Final 8th Masterclass. Flourish through the collective genius and power of a community of goal-getters with Final 8th stuck points, committed to breakthroughs.

A Final 8th Masterclass alum said, "After reading The Final 8th book I was very energized to uncover some of my issues that were keeping me from moving forward. The workshop gave me structure and focus. With Bridgit’s expert guidance and the support of the group, you have a coach and the power of witnesses built in. This makes change happen faster. I feel lighter, energized and hopeful as I let go of patterns that are not serving me and develop powerful allies within, by getting to know the wisdom of my Alter Egos. It's like I got a life detox!

The world needs your gifts—

Saturdays, May 1, 8, 15 & 22, 2021 from 1-3 pm (ET)

✦ Bring your journal & a copy of The Final 8th book* (*even if you're not able to read the book beforehand, you still benefit greatly from this Masterclass.)

✦ Bring your Final 8th goal(s)

✦ Together we'll tap into the wisdom, vitality, and secret intentions of your (genius) Alter Egos--even the painful ones!

✦ We'll take an immersive deep-dive into the step-by-step Final 8th process outlined in my book, The Final 8th: Enlist Your Inner Selves to Accomplish Your Goals. Meet your golden Alter Egos like your AdventurerHealerPlayful ChildVisionary, and other "hidden" personas, which helps you design a plan of action that would otherwise never have occurred to you.

More than ever, it's important to soar past your comfort zone.

A. You'll be able to access Alter Egos with the precise superpowers you need to cross your finish line, possibly dislodging a Final 8th stuckness point that's plagued you for years.

B. For those working with clients, in addition to empowering you personally, adding this unique approach for discovering and catalyzing the genuine wisdom of Inner Selves that are allegedly in the way (like Resistance or Space Cadet Alter Egos) makes you more effective -- with a side effect of having more fun in the process!

Another benefit?
Enroll by Wednesday, April 14 to receive your free copy of The Final 8th: Enlist Your Inner Selves to Accomplish Your Goals -- via old fashioned snail mail.

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Join us again and again for our unique Voice Dialogue Learning Lab & Zoomshop to learn more about Voice Dialogue and the Final 8th process. Live demos, Q&A, and a community curious about Alter Egos. Transformation can start here...
PLACE: Anywhere there's wifi
Tuning in can get you back on track, especially when you're struggling! Join me and a number of gifted podcast hosts who dare to reveal their own Final 8th stuckpoints, in order to delve deeply and access surprising Alter Egos that turned out to be the key to unknotting the double bind keeping them stuck. Apply these tools immediately!
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How do you figure out the gift of an Inner Self -- especially when they feel problematic and in the way? This process reverse engineers your stuckness as it cultivates courage and optimism!
Bring your Final 8th questions and your cute, creaky & curious Alter Egos -- and any others who are inspired to join tonight!.
Your dreams deserve undivided attention.
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