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Final Action Taken on Bills Prior to Legislative Break 
Final action was taken this week on some of the bills we've been following below.  The legislative session is now adjourned until April 27, at which time legislators will come back for the final veto session. 

The Senate took final action in February ( Yea: 38 Nay: 1) on this bill, and the House took final action this week.  They passed the bill on a vote of Yea: 93 Nay: 30.    This bill is on the way to the Governor and will be final once it is signed.  

HB 2595- Preemption of local level healthy food policies
The House took their final action on March 18 and passed the bill as amended on a vote of Yea: 89 Nay: 34.  It has been assigned to the   Committee on Commerce during the veto session.   No further action was taken prior to graveling out for the break.  

This bill is now sitting on General Orders in the Senate awaiting the veto session.  It was passed by the house as amended Feb. 22; Yea: 85 Nay: 39.

KRC Charitable Organization on Amazon Smile

Do you buy books, music, shoes, or other items you can't find locally on Amazon.com?  If so consider using Amazon Smile, and select "Kansas Rural Center" as your charity of choice.  This component of Amazon.com allows users to shop as you normally do only Amazon will donate .5% of your purchase to a charitable organization of your choice at no added cost to you! 

On your first visit to Amazon Smile (smile.amazon.com), log in using your amazon.com info.  Then search and select "Kansas Rural Center" before you begin shopping. Amazon will remember your selection, and then every eligible purchase you make at smile.amazon.com will result in a donation to KRC!

This is an easy way to support KRC initiatives like Feeding Kansas, Women in Farming, Tunnel to Table and other efforts by just doing what you already do! 

Food Council Resolution Passed in Johnson County

This month Johnson County passed a Food Policy Council resolution making it the 9th publicly appointed Council in Kansas.  

Several other communities and counties around the state are working on efforts to form councils.  Each council or task force is different and focuses on different priorities depending on the needs of the community and region.  

Other Councils in Kansas are located in the counties of Douglas, Jefferson, Crawford, Allan , Reno, Harvey, Hodgeman, and Franklin County.  

If your community or county is interested in exploring the idea of a food and farm council contact Missty Lechner at missty.lechner@heart.org.  

Not sure what a food and farm councils is?  Check out these resources from our friends at the Public Health Law Center! 

Feeding Kansas: Statewide Farm & Food Assessment with a Plan for Public Action

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This work is part of KRC's "Community Food Solutions for a Healthier Kansas" initiative that aims to advance seven key public policy solutions to better incorporate Kansas farms into the supply chain thereby potentially improving Kansas's economy, community, environment, and health status.  For more information about this initiative visit kansasruralcenter.org/cfs