Building an Active & Informed Native American Electorate
More Good News!
HB 100 Replace Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples' Day has also made it to Senate Floor! It is likely to be heard tomorrow evening though we're not sure of the exact time. We need you to call Senators to ask them to vote in favor of HB 100. Here's a list of Senators that would benefit from knowing your interest in passing this bill.
Senator Clemente Sanchez, Chairman 505-986-4513
Senator Mary Kay Papen, 505-986-4733
Senator Pete Campos, 505-986-4311
Senator Carlos Cisneros, 505-986-4362
Senator George Munoz, 505-986-4371
Senator Richard Martinez, 505-986-4487

And if you can send a thumbs up to Senator Benny Shendo, Senator John Pinto as they have been hammering away for our Native concerns. Of course our House Representatives have also been AWESOME! We're proud of our Native leaders: Rep. Anthony Allison, Rep. D. Wonda Johnson, Rep. Derrick Lente, Rep. Georgene Louis and Rep. Patricia Roybal Caballero!!! We also want to give a hearty shout out to Regis Pecos as he's been stellar in keeping us organized in how we move these bills forward.

So, don't forget, we need to do our part - make the calls, please!! Session ends at noon on Saturday.