Volume 1 | September 14, 2020
NM Native Census Coalition l Bulletin No. 8
Final countdown and Statewide Census Day of Action
We now have 16 days as of today to get out the count and we are working diligently to support you in your outreach. We have also seen response rates go up in all our communities in the past few weeks. Thank you so much for your hard work!

A few more resources:

  • A letter from tribal leadership - The letter shared from U.S. Tribal Partnership Specialist Amber Carrillo written to encourage tribal members to complete the Census is available here.

  • Editorial template - An editorial template has been placed on the Resources page to help you share that community message of encouragement to complete the 2020 Census, which can be shared in your newsletters or your local paper. The NMNCC's Media Coordinator, Kim Baca, is also able to help with writing, editing and placement in local papers. She can be reached at kim@kbacaconsulting.com.

Here's an example of an excellent editorial by Ohkay Owingeh Gov. Ron Lovato in the Rio Grande Sun.

  • Social media memes - We have several political power memes for download. Or please share from our social channels.

  • Tribal Response Rates Dashboard - The NM Indian Affairs Department has a data collection dashboard to detail how Native communities are responding to the 2020 Census.

  • GIS video - A video on how to input your GIS coordinates from your phone or computer if you have a street address.

These and other resources, including a "Do not knock. This household has completed the Census." editable flyer, has been placed on our Resources page under the NMNCC tab.

Today is also the Statewide Census Day of Action, a day where everyone will be encouraged to complete their Census if they haven't already done so before the September 30th deadline. Here's a news release by our partners, iCount NM, about the daylong event. iCount NM has also created a toolkit of how organizations and individuals can participate.

We will have a series of videos throughout the day that you can share from our social channels. Messages from respected leaders include:

  • Senator Tom Udall
  • Laura Harris (Comanche) of Americans for Indian Opportunity
  • NM House Rep. Derrick J. Lente (Pueblo of Sandia)
  • NM House Rep. Georgene Louis (Pueblo of Laguna)
  • Kaitlyn Sanders (Pueblo of Laguna) of the North American Indian Women's Association - NM Chapter

A big thanks for to these busy folks for taking time to share their messages with the NMNCC and all of New Mexico.
Digital gift card rewards when you complete the Census

The NMNCC has entered into contract with Agenda digital marketing, which will use digital technology to target all tribal communities in New Mexico, particularly non-responding communities, to encourage completion of the Census by using an e-gift card reward.

Here is a video to show how the e-gift card is delivered to a person's phone or computer.

Please share by copying this link:
Navajo Nation outreach

The NM Native Census Coalition has started working closely with the Navajo Nation as the Nation has been hit hard by COVID-19 and getting up to full operations.

The NMNCC has hired a team from various communities on the New Mexico side of the Nation for on-the-ground support. The team will aid in outreach, identifying media needs, phone banking or any additional resources needed.

The NMNCC has also created several materials to support the Navajo Nation, including flyers as seen here on the right, social media memes and a toolkit, which are located on the Resources page under the Navajo Nation tab.

For more information, contact Jaime Gloshay, NMNCC Navajo Nation Supervisor, at jaime@roanhorseconsulting.com.
Join us for the Come to Your Census Comedy Show
Join us at 7 pm this Saturday, September 19 for this online event here on the the NMNCC's Facebook page with:

  • Entertainers James & Ernie
  • Chizz Bah of the Navajo Nation
  • Actor and comedian Tatanka Means right here on Facebook.

We'll have some Census information and a good time during this event.
Get our Facebook frame as you complete the Census

As you and your community complete the 2020 Census, please don't forget to get our NMNCC Facebook frame.

Look for the frame when you go to update your profile picture and find the file labeled as NMNCC_#ICount.

When you update your Facebook profile picture with this frame, please use the hashtags #iCount, your tribe and #NMNativesCount so we can share on our Facebook page.

The NM Native Census Coalition is a product of the NAVA Education Project.