Civics Editorials in The Greenfield Recorder

Once again our League has coordinated a series of civics editorials for The Greenfield Recorder in the days leading up to the Fourth of July. Hats off and big thanks to Voter Services member Pat Leuchtman for helming and organizing this effort—we couldn't have done it without her!

  • The final editorial is by GCC History and Interdisciplinary Studies Chair Alyssa Arnell, on the right to privacy guaranteed (or not) under the Constitution. Read it here.

  • Tuesday, we featured an editorial detailing the route from petition to ballot question. Read it here.

  • Please click here to read Voter Services member Catherine Keppler's contribution on the Bill of Rights which appeared this weekend.

  • Monday's installment was by LWVFC president Marie Gauthier, and discusses what being "involved in politics" really means. You can find that editorial here.

Thank you to all our contributors for sharing their knowledge and distilling it down to 750 words, and thank you to The Recorder for granting us the space to share it.

Celebrate this Independence Day with a boost of civics—Happy Fourth!