Our Two Cents: I like the overall construction of this jacket. It IS inexpensive, but the fabrics and build quality belie the price because this jacket really feels nice. There is rip-stop fabric used over the shoulders and elbows. The straps, buckles, and zippers all feel really nice. The zips are labeled YKK Vislon which is the good stuff.
As for climate controls, this jacket is set up with two removable liners… one waterproof liner for rain and for wind-stop capabilities and then a full sleeve thermal liner to give extra insulation in cold weather. In wet and/or cold temps, you can experiment with the liners to figure out which one or both will keep you comfortable. With the liners removed, the zip vents in the shell can be used to flow air through the jacket for warmer temps. I count a total of six zippers on the front and two in back, which should be plenty to keep you comfy in warm weather.... See The Full Review