December 9th 2014

 Last Day to Register: Composting and Compost Tea Workshop, Queens NY
Begins Tomorrow
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Composting & Compost Tea Workshop 
Time is running out for this unique opportunity

Composting & Compost Tea Workshop
Discover how to make compost without turning and learn how to make and apply compost tea as a nutrient management tool. This is an in depth two day workshop with industry leaders in organic land management and composting. 
This event is geared towards landscape contractors, arborists, growers, grounds superintendents, composters, colleges, municipalities and institutions. 

We've chosen St. John's University as the venue because they've fully embraced compost technology and organic land management practices. Come and see the tools of the trade and see real life success in waste reduction and organic land management.

In depth information and registration can be found here

4 NOFA OLC credits have been approved for this workshop.
Professional aerated static pile composting 

No turning, no odors and makes high quality compost quickly


o2 Logo We have been very impressed with the  o2 Compost Systems  and management practices for many years. These systems range in size from less than one yard up to thousands of cubic yards.


We are very excited to offer this economical and user friendly method of composting. This technology will be discussed in great detailed during our workshop on December 10th and 11th at St. John's University. Please contact us for further information.


Mycorrhizal Applications 
The finest mycorrhizae on the market

We're pleased to announce that we now carry the best quality mycorrhizal inoculum on the market.

Please click here for no-nonsense pricing and detailed information.
It's Planning time for the 2015 season 
Let us help you save time and money

It's getting to the time of year that we reflect on the successes and challenges of the past season and begin planning for the next year. We are here to help you!

All too often we see people purchase expensive products and equipment which is unsuitable for the organic land care practitioner. 

We can assure you we actually use the materials and equipment that we sell and that we've aligned ourselves with leaders who are passionate about bringing the best organic products to market.

Give us a call to discuss your needs today at (844) 266-9375 
Solu-Nitrogen 15-0-0
Water Soluble Organic Nitrogen

Having a full season in sales of this product, we've received much positive feedback about

from our customers. Amino Acid Powder is a 100% plant based water soluble fertilizer which dissolves readily in water. It contains 15% soluble nitrogen which addresses nitrogen deficiencies very rapidly.
Solu-Nitrogen is made from soy beans in a special enzymatic process which converts this high protein legume into a versatile, easy to handle fertilizer. Please order bulk quantities very early...this is a very popular product
Wholesale Compost Tea Supplies

We offer a great diversity of organic water soluble materials to support your organic land care efforts. 


We offer our very own OMRI listed Solu-Mate Humic Acid powder and Solu-Kelp Soluble Seaweed Powder at great wholesale prices. Also, check out our Solu-Fish Hydrolyzed Fish Fertilizer and our new Solu-Stimulant.


These materials are formulated for use in all different types of spray equipment, irrigation systems, hydroponics and injectors.


Check out our extensive line of organic soil amendments, inoculants and liquids. Click here.


We supply small orders all the way up to tractor trailer loads.


Marketing support
Do you have a green business? Do you need help with website development, marketing, social media, public relations, graphic design or illustration?  
Click on the image to the left for further information about our partners in marketing, www.2browncows.com
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