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Summer Reading: Final Week & Fun with Fruit
Children's E-News: Connecting with Kids & Families At Home | July 28, 2020
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Miss Mary Ann
Painting with Fruits and Vegetables
Open your refrigerator for art time today! Shake things up by painting pictures with things found inside your fruit and vegetable drawer; all you need is fruit, vegetables, paper, and some paint!

- Cut fruits & vegetables in half so that you can see the seeds, shapes, and textures inside. Seeing fruits & veggies cut down the center gives your child a glimpse at the symmetry in nature.
- Paint or dip pieces of the cut fruit & veggies into the paint.
- Stamp with painted fruit to create prints on paper. Children will be amazed with the different patterns they make.

Save some of the unpainted fruits and veggies for a snack!
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