Hello again to all of our registrants for the TMC Sunrise at Old Tucson Trail Run.   Thanks for being part of one of my favorite races of all time!  As you may have guessed from all my emails, I love this race -- I love the cowboy mythology, I love the scenery, and I love the terrain.  On top of all that, I am very glad that we get to celebrate all three of Tucson's great west side tourism attractions.

Below are all the details you need, while a list of registrants is below the maps.  If I've missed something, please let me know and I'll try to fill in the blanks.

We're busy putting final touches on the event, but if you need anything else, shoot me an email and I'll try to get it taken care of.

if anyone wants to volunteer, we can always use some course marshals to direct runners!  You can email Tia at tia@runtucson.net . . .

And don't forget that SAR is hosting its annual celebration on Sunday night at Gentle Ben's near the UA.  Details are farther below -- this is for everyone, so come on down!

See you this weekend

Randy Accetta, Race Director

PS: online registration ends Friday at 3:00 pm, so pass the word to your friends that they can still  register online here.  And r emember: the race will take place rain or shine, with no refunds or returns. Weather on Sunday is supposed to be clear and sunny with a high close to 70, but cold in the morning.

Race Weekend Calendar Registration and Events Schedule

10:00 - 1:00 pm:  In-person registration and packet pickup at the Running Shop, 3055 North Campbell (all shirt sizes are first-come, first-served). Cash, check, and square reader will be available. At this point, there are no race transfers. 

Sunday morning
6:45: In-person registration and packet pickup at Old Tucson Studios front gate (all shirt sizes are first-come, first-served).  Cash and check only on race day. At this point, there are no race transfers. 
8:00: Women's Four-Miler starts 
9:00: Men's Four-Miler starts 
9:00: One Mile Walk/Fun Run starts 
9:45: or so Awards and Free Lil' Pardner's Costume Fun Run -- fun 100-yard dash around the High Chaparral and Bitter Creek sets
10:00: or so, we try to wrap up and let everyone enjoy their visit to Old Tucson Studios, then head out to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum and the Wildlife Museum

NOTE: Kids 10 and under are free, but without a t-shirt and without breakfast. Friends and family are allowed in Old Tucson during the event up until race end; to stay in town after the park opens, additional guest passes to Old Tucson are a discounted $8 per person and must be purchased by the runner at the park entrance beginning at 9:45am.  A participant wearing their race number must be present to take advantage of this special race entrance rate.

Thanks to our race sponsors for making this possible: Tucson Medical Center, the Running Shop, Tucson Lifestyle Magazine, the Arizona Daily Star, KGUN's The Morning Blend, Cox Communication, and our new sponsor Hager's Journeys Travel Agency.  We are also grateful to Old Tucson Studios, the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, and the International Wildlife Museum.

The race is being timed by SAR timer Greg Wenneborg.  Greg has asked that everyone wear their race number on the front of their shirt and place the timing shoe tag on their shoes.  All timing shoe tags will be available at the starting line on Main Street in Old Tucson before the races. After the race, the timing tent will be at the finish line at the Bitter Creek set.  Last minute issues can be addressed to Greg at the timing tables.

Social Media and Race Photos
Our friend Kerry Whelan of Goatographer fame will be on hand snapping photos that you'll be able to find on the SAR facebook page, but please post your own snapshots and photos to the SAR facebook page and tag both the SAR instagram and the Run Tucson instagram accounts
Like us on Facebook SAR

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Follow us on Twitter Run Tucson

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Any others?  Let us know!

Check out the promotional Tucson Morning Blend interview , highlighting Tucson's unique elements, promoting Tucson tourist destinations, and talking about upcoming SAR races.

Every participant receives a free race shirt with this year's logo.  Sizes are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  We cannot guarantee the perfect size for everyone.  Additional shirts from recent years will be available for purchase for $5 each.  We try to work locally as much as possible, and our shirts are being printed by Steve King of MyTeamTriumph at his company, Sunset Embroidery and Screen Print.

Age group and overall awards are courtesy of long-time partner Sharon Bart and The Running Shop.

SAR Membership
If you are not a member of the Southern Arizona Roadrunners, you can sign up online here or you can join SAR on race day.  Visit our tent at the Bitter Creek set.

Free Admission Details
Old Tucson Studios: You must have your race number with you to tour Old Tucson Studios after the race. To purchase additional guest passes at a discounted rate, you must go with your race number to the Old Tucson entrance gate.

International Wildlife Museum: You must present your race number to the admission booth at the International Wildlife Museum to gain free admission on Sunday.

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum:  You must present your race number to the admission booth at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum on Sunday (race day) to take advantage of their two-for-one offer.  Purchase one Adult General Admission ticket and receive one complimentary admission of equal or lesser value - but please remember that you must have your race number in hand.
Breakfast Details
To receive your Trailside Breakfast at Old Tucson, you must present your race number to the servers at Old Tucson near the Bitter Creek set at the Finish Line area.  Only those with the race number can receive breakfast at the finish line.  We have purchased over 500 breakfasts, but there is not enough for spectators and others.  

If you want additional food items, please visit the various restaurants along Main Street in Old Tucson Studios to purchase additional food items.

  Lil' Pardners Free Kids Dash
This is meant to be a playful dash, with no prizes and no timing.  Bring your little ones to the finish line at the Bitter Creek set at about 9:30 and we'll set up a low-key route around the High Chaparral set.
Starting Line, Finish Line, and Bathrooms
The starting line for the women's race, the men's race, and the 1-mile walk/run are all on Main Street near the Palace Hotel.  The finish line for each course is at the Bitter Creek set, to the east of Main Street.  There are many gender-specific bathroom facilities throughout Old Tucson, along Main Street and near the Bitter Creek set.
Ham Radio, Water Stop, Boy Scouts, and more
Thanks to the Tucson Ham Radio Society, we will have Ham Radio Support on the route. Thanks to Drexel Fire Department for providing a stand-by ambulance on site. Thanks to Boy Scout Troop 431 from Fort Huachuca for being our water station volunteers.  The water station is a bit beyond the 3-mile mark, at the Bitter Creek set.  There are also water fountains throughout Old Tucson Studios.

4-Milers: you will start on Main Street, then do one big loop through town, past the Rodeo Grounds, past the finish line and the High Chaparral set, then back through the back lot of Old Tucson past the old Church and Boothill Cemetery.  After leaving town, you will head into the desert for a well-marked two mile loop that includes single track, horse trails, washes, and dirt roads.  Look for the orange and red flagging.  The 3-mile mark is at the Bitter Creek set.  From here, you have the final lap through town and back to the finish. 

The course will be marked by knee-high orange and red flags.

Suggestions: It's a trail run, so keep your eyes up, watch for cactus, watch for directions, be willing to sacrifice speed for safety and course accuracy.

One Milers: You will do roughly a lap and a half of the town loop.  You'll start with the men's mile and do one full loop, then on the second loop, you will turn left at the Rodeo Grounds to the finish line.  If you head out into the desert, you are on the four-mile loop.  Don't do that.
One Miler:  Loop and a Half.  Green is start, red is finish.

World's Worst Race Map for the Four Miler

Parking and Directions
There is plenty of parking at the Old Tucson Studios parking lots.  See the maps below to get to Old Tucson.

Ackerman Marti 46 4 mile
Ackerman Stephan 47 4 mile
Acosta Fanni 41 4 mile
Adams Phil 74 4 mile
Adams Mary 72 4 mile
Anderson Sean 29 4 mile
Arendt Bob 57 4 mile
Atienza Matthew 31 4 mile
Aubrey Elisa 39 4 mile
Aubrey Giselle 9 1mile
Aubrey Ethan 5 1mile
Averbukh Micael 41 4 mile
avila sergio 43 4 mile
Babieracki Mark 40 4 mile
Bacon MaryJo 56 4 mile
Bahe Alicia 28 4 mile
Bailey Melody 56 4 mile
Baker Jeri 39 4 mile
Bakos Jane 64 1mile
Bakos Robert 33 1mile
Balachandran Devahi 33 4 mile
Ballesta S├ębastien 29 4 mile
Barker James 59 4 mile
Barker James 59 4 mile
Beck Irene 37 4 mile
Beck Evan 8 1mile
Beck Sean 7 1mile
Benan Holly  36 4 mile
Bencomo Gough Lynda 37 4 mile
Berkeley Ed 65 4 mile
Blake Richard 47 4 mile
Bliss Hester 6 1 mile
Boucos Patricia 68 4 mile
Boyd-Martin Amber 36 4 mile
Bracamonte Kassandra 22 4 mile
Branaman Don 77 4 mile
Brent Paul 58 4 mile
Brent Carol 56 1mile
Britt Kellie 32 4 mile
Brosanders Owen 8 1mile
Brosanders Zoe 5 1mile
Brown Stefanie 47 4 mile
Burge Laura 51 4 mile
Burlingham Rose 30 4 mile
Burros Jennifer 22 4 mile
Burton Jim 39 4 mile
Bussey Nikki 29 4 mile
Bustamante Sonia 31 4 mile
Buttrick Andrea 40 4 mile
Canett Nicole 24 4 mile
Carnes Cheryl 41 4 mile
Carr Anna 38 4 mile
Carr Shane 42 4 mile
Carter Don 54 4 mile
Cartwright Jill 56 4 mile
Castro Anastacio 29 4 mile
Chamunda Tafwachi 37 4 mile
Chase Yazmin 39 4 mile
Chavez Melissa 26 4 mile
Chism Shane 38 4 mile
Chism Marne 39 4 mile
Ciaramitaro Joseph 66 4 mile
Ciffone Nicole 45 4 mile
Clark Clariza 46 4 mile
Clarke Laura 46 4 mile
Clarke Catie 25 4 mile
Clarke Rachel 19 4 mile
Clayton Christine 57 4 mile
Comisso Natalia 28 4 mile
Cotton Marcia 64 1mile
Cunningham Maureen 61 4 mile
Curtin Michelle 24 1mile
Davis Nancy 46 1mile
Davis Noni 69 4 mile
Davis David 67 4 mile
Dawson Jaxson 3 1mile
Deady Shannon 26 4 mile
Decker John 36 4 mile
Decker Suzanne 33 4 mile
Del Valle Dalilah 20 4 mile
Del Valle Damian 15 4 mile
Delgado Stephanie 49 4 mile
DeVine Jacki 54 4 mile
DeVine Kurt 54 4 mile
Dibene Sheila 47 4 mile
Dibene Rudolph 51 4 mile
Dibene Danielle 27 4 mile
Diers Chrissy 26 4 mile
Divijak Rori 7 1mile
Divijak Ellie 5 1mile
Divijak Madison 7 1mile
Divijak Andrea 42 1mile
Dixon Dave 45 4 mile
Doak Robert 68 4 mile
Dodson Teresa 49 4 mile
Duarte Brittany 29 4 mile
Duberstein Jennie 42 4 mile
Duncan Erin 45 4 mile
Dunlop Tiffany 49 4 mile
Eaton Charlotte 34 4 mile
Edwards Krystal 30 4 mile
Ehlers Georgia 67 4 mile
Ellis Nancy 50 4 mile
Ellis Scott 49 4 mile
Enciso Andrea 27 4 mile
Esterby David 67 4 mile
Evans Joanna 30 4 mile
Evans Kevin 31 4 mile
Eversole Dana 52 4 mile
Fabriguze Angel 33 4 mile
Fallis Don 50 4 mile
Faulk Joe 53 4 mile
Felde Steve 60 4 mile
Felde Sheryl 55 4 mile
FIFE KENNETH 43 4 mile
Fife Emily 33 1mile
Fife Keegan 7 1mile
Fife Quinlan 5 1mile
Flores Veronica 28 4 mile
Forster Jennifer 41 4 mile
Fouts Julie 36 4 mile
Fowler Robyn 53 4 mile
Frank Craig 43 4 mile
Frank Kristina 37 4 mile
Frank Elisabeth 13 4 mile
Frank Anastasia 12 4 mile
Frank Maximilian 8 4 mile
Franks Emily 30 4 mile
Frantz Matthew 58 4 mile
Fuller Nancy 65 4 mile
Fuller Adam 47 4 mile
Gallagher Karen 65 4 mile
Gallaher Melissa 34 4 mile
Gallaher Melissa 34 4 mile
Galvan de Ramirez Ruth 48 4 mile
Garcia Julio 42 4 mile
Garcia Janelle 46 1mile
Garcia Hamilton 55 1mile
Garcia Melanie 18 1mile
Gascoigne Loretta 71 4 mile
Gibson Jill 55 4 mile
Giese Gary 72 4 mile
Gilbert Jacqueline 49 1mile
Giles Colleen 46 4 mile
Girlus Kathleen 69 4 mile
Gough Ella 10 1mile
Grabau Matthew 35 4 mile
Grabau Shannon 36 4 mile
Grabau Rylie 9 1mile
Grabau Hannah 7 1mile
Grahm Wendy 68 1 mile
Grassmeyer Jodi 57 4 mile
Gregory Julie 55 4 mile
Grover Austin 36 4 mile
Guzman Gerardo 44 4 mile
Hannibal Frank 53 4 mile
Hannibal Alonna 10 4 mile
Hannibal Abby 10 1mile
Hans Claire 28 4 mile
Harper Clarence 54 4 mile
Harper Becky 54 4 mile
Hartshorne Mike 38 4 mile
Hartshorne Jillian 15 1mile
Hartshorne Jeannette 40 1mile
Hartshorne Colin 5 1mile
Harvey Bonnie 68 4 mile
Hattan David 62 4 mile
Hausman Aaron 20 4 mile
Hawk Michelle 48 4 mile
Hay Kenneth 72 4 mile
Hensel Jessica 29 4 mile
Hernandez Rogelio 46 4 mile
Hess Gema 54 4 mile
Hester Shirley 73 4 mile
Hinds Sara 36 4 mile
Hodges Tiffany 28 4 mile
Hoel Kurt 56 4 mile
Hoerig Karl 45 4 mile
Hoerig Natalia 7 1mile
Hoerig Karson 5 1mile
Holland Janet 56 4 mile
Holsinger Tracy 61 4 mile
Holt Jan 78 4 mile
Hopkins Heather 50 4 mile
Horner Coco 32 4 mile
Horner Nathan 39 4 mile
Horner Cobin 4 1 mile
Horton Diana 53 4 mile
Hough Moira 28 4 mile
Huff Erika 40 4 mile
Huff Drake 4 1mile
Hughes Kristen 31 4 mile
Huynh Jessie 34 4 mile
Inners Stephanie 54 1mile
Inners James 60 1mile
Inners Dalton 17 1mile
Inners Weston 15 1mile
Irish Jim 50 4 mile
Jacoby Breck 28 4 mile
Jensen Debbie 56 4 mile
Johnson Lorraine 85 1mile
Johnson Nicole 42 4 mile
Jones James 33 1mile
Katz Heather 55 4 mile
Kelley Kathleen 30 1mile
Kim Jaehyeok 23 4 mile
Kinney Emily 27 4 mile
klutho dan 67 4 mile
Knutson Abby 8 1mile
Knutson Matthew 5 1mile
Knutson Elaine 54 1mile
Kolseth Camala 52 4 mile
Korb Anthony 18 1mile
Kost Alan 61 4 mile
Kouts Chad 39 4 mile
Kudo Kay 44 4 mile
Laporte Laura 68 4 mile
Laporte Gene 67 4 mile
Le Peau Eric 10 1mile
Le Peau Corbin 8 1mile
Le Peau Eli 4 1mile
Lebario Gloria 58 1mile
Lee Tim 53 4 mile
Legate Amy 40 4 mile
Levine Alaina 39 4 mile
Lewis Heather 32 1mile
Lindblad Sandy 68 1 mile
Lipsy Robert 63 4 mile
Lipsy Laurita 62 4 mile
Logan Debbie 44 4 mile
Longoria Artemisa 36 4 mile
Lopez Connie 65 4 mile
Lopez David 57 4 mile
Lopez Alejandro 17 4 mile
Lovinger Stephanie 57 4 mile
Ludwiczak Katelynn 10 1mile
Ludwiczak Stellar 7 1mile
Ludwiczak Becky 38 1mile
Lund John 58 1mile
Lund Kristy 54 4 mile
Mabee Wendi 53 4 mile
Magana Marjanne 38 4 mile
Maguire Carter 4 1mile
Malloy Matt 45 4 mile
Manandhar Sanjeev 36 4 mile
Marshall Bob 60 4 mile
Marshall Laura 31 4 mile
Martin Michael 37 4 mile
Martin Alexander 6 1mile
Martin Rachel 31 4 mile
Martin Brian 30 4 mile
MARTIN LIALA 34 4 mile
Martinez Jocelyn 9 1mile
Mathiesen Kay 51 4 mile
Mathis Marie 28 4 mile
McArthur Guy 44 4 mile
McClain Grace 24 4 mile
McGuigan Dennis 52 4 mile
McManus Riley 15 4 mile
Michels Kurt 32 4 mile
Michelson Marty 69 4 mile
Milbrandt Marcy 40 4 mile
Miller Amanda 33 4 mile
Miller Karen 52 1mile
Miller Patricia 38 4 mile
Miller Andrew 37 4 mile
Miller-Samuels Judy 54 4 mile
Modrzejewski Henry 76 4 mile
Modrzejewski Emmy Lou 74 1mile
Modrzejewski Dan 42 4 mile
Mollenhour Charles 53 4 mile
Molnar Joseph 29 4 mile
Molnar Corrinna 30 4 mile
Montgomery Amanda 28 4 mile
Moon Loretta 41 4 mile
Morrill Marianne 55 4 mile
Morrill Danielle 22 1mile
Munnigh Dania 28 4 mile
Murphy Amy 37 4 mile
Nakao Yoshiyuki 51 4 mile
Nelms Emma 7 1mile
nelms michele 38 1mile
Nelsonic Super Dave 49 4 mile
Nervik Jocelyn 6 1mile
Nervik Juliette 4 1mile
Nervik Michael 34 1mile
Newton Dan 46 4 mile
Olson Kristin 29 4 mile
OROURKE AMY 36 4 mile
Osgood Jeanne Missey 59 4 mile
Owens Isabella 6 1mile
Owens Charles 44 1mile
Pearce Jon 40 4 mile
Pearce Christie 37 4 mile
Pearce Whitney 10 1mile
Pearce Patrick 9 1mile
Pearce Tyler 7 1mile
Pearce Sawyer 3 1mile
Peck Andrew 45 4 mile
Pena Starr 30 4 mile
Perchinelli Claudia 51 4 mile
Perchinelli Aiden 5 1mile
Perry Owen 6 1mile
Peru Larissa 24 4 mile
Petersen Cindy 53 4 mile
Planalp Carissa 33 4 mile
Prewitt Katherine 39 4 mile
Prewitt Elliott 8 1mile
Queiruga Caryn 34 1mile
Queiruga Cory 8 1mile
Queiruga Clayton 6 1mile
Ranger Mexican 54 4 mile
Rascon John 44 1mile
Rascon Ronda 45 1mile
Rascon Gage 6 1mile
Reinschmidt Kerstin 49 1mile
Reinschmidt Michael 58 4 mile
Reuter Julie 42 4 mile
Ribbeck Elizabeth 41 4 mile
Richard Leo 63 4 mile
Rivera Tony 28 4 mile
Rivera-Figueroa Heather 36 4 mile
Robillia Paul 79 4 mile
Rodriguez Alexander 42 4 mile
Rodriguez Irene 26 4 mile
Rogucki Joanie 62 4 mile
Romo Melanie 39 4 mile
Rooney Barbara 43 4 mile
Rosenblatt Maya 66 4 mile
Rostollan Dave 64 4 mile
Rough Michelle 36 4 mile
Ruder Heather 42 4 mile
Ruffin Jr Lonnie 47 4 mile
Ruggles Peter 56 4 mile
SADORF DAVID 48 4 mile
SALCIDO RUDY 41 4 mile
SALCIDO RAY 52 4 mile
Salmon Susan 45 4 mile
Sanchez Erika 25 4 mile
Schierling Kathryn 40 4 mile
Schierling Michael 37 4 mile
Schnell Cindy 46 4 mile
Schroll Chuck 64 4 mile
Schuetze Mike 60 4 mile
Schuler Erin 35 4 mile
Schwindt Christine 26 4 mile
Scribner Robert 30 4 mile
Sekavec Chris 48 4 mile
Senti Richard 69 4 mile
Shandor Marcella 39 4 mile
Shapiro Eve 63 4 mile
Sharp Karilyn 33 4 mile
Sharp Joey 9 4 mile
Shaw Phyllis 53 4 mile
Sheehan Lauren 25 4 mile
Sheldon Steve 50 4 mile
Sheldon Sarah 17 1mile
Sheldon Jessica 14 1mile
Sheremeta Sharon 56 4 mile
Shukayr Anisa 30 4 mile
Sias Patty 56 4 mile
Sias Rick 54 4 mile
Skaarvold Jessi 28 4 mile
Skaarvold Joseph 23 4 mile
Smith Sue 75 4 mile
Smith Candace 32 4 mile
Smith Michael 33 4 mile
Smith Jocelyn 26 4 mile
Sparks Robert 47 4 mile
Spear Westyn 4 1mile
Spear Ainsleigh 2 1mile
Spear Hope 35 1mile
Spear Chad 35 1mile
Spencer Jennifer 39 4 mile
Spencer Bryan 39 4 mile
Spencer Tara 27 4 mile
Spiegel Elianal 11 4 mile
Spiegel Kahmena 51 4 mile
Spiegel Emmanuel 14 4 mile
Spiegel Sahmara 9 4 mile
Spiegel David 17 4 mile
Spitzley Lee 28 4 mile
Stanislaw Rune 6 1mile
Stanislaw Stacey 41 1mile
Steketee Sid 55 4 mile
Stites Lynda 55 4 mile
Stokes Kali 3 1mile
Stokes Kristen 24 1mile
Swanson Irene 61 4 mile
Tarjan Charles 64 4 mile
Tarjan Debbie 64 4 mile
Taylor Emily 36 4 mile
Tellez Roland 52 4 mile
Thomas Andy 35 4 mile
Thomas Eric 24 4 mile
Timm-smith Robin 52 4 mile
Tipton Matthew 34 4 mile
Toddie Shanterah 28 1mile
Toddie Shanterah 28 1mile
Toledo D Luzymelda 46 4 mile
Tyler Lucas 34 4 mile
Valencia Josh 23 4 mile
Vance Landen 10 1mile
Vance Logan 8 1mile
Villalpando Zarah E 13 1mile
Villalpando Miguel S 11 1mile
Villalpando Ivonne A 44 4 mile
Villalpando Miguel 46 4 mile
Weems Bobbie Jo 42 4 mile
Weissauer Christina 57 4 mile
Welden Dan 4 mile
Whipple Jessica 36 4 mile
Whirlwind-Soldier Destiny 35 4 mile
Wiens Grant 27 4 mile
Wiens John 55 4 mile
Wild Jocelyn 37 4 mile
Williams Janice 59 4 mile
Williams Russ 61 4 mile
Williamson Steven 41 4 mile
Williamson Maile 10 1mile
Williamson Makoa 7 1mile
Williamson Marshall 5 1mile
Williamson Ronnette 43 4 mile
Wilson Mike 74 4 mile
Winters David 64 4 mile
Winters Dolores 57 4 mile
Wodecki John 56 4 mile
Wolferstetter Kay 50 4 mile
Wooddancer-Fisher Janet 68 4 mile
Woodward James S. 70 4 mile
YAU JOHN 39 4 mile
YAU COLIN 4 1mile
Yingst Denise 50 4 mile
Zearley Margi 54 4 mile
Zepke Dana 27 4 mile
Zylstra Erin 39 4 mile

Sunday evening January 24:  SAR Annual Year-End Celebration 

Please join us on Sunday night, January 24th at the patio of Gentle Ben's near the UA for our annual celebration of Tucson running.  

Who is invited?  You.  Everyone who has been a part of SAR events, whether the Meet Me weekly events, SAR racing events, or SAR social events -- we invite you to celebrate running with us!  Join us as we kick off the 2016 season and take a look back at 2015.  

N ot only will we honor the SAR Running Shop Grand Prix winners but we'll recognize all that SAR does for the community and what SAR has in store for the new year. 

See the lists of special runners and volunteers below -- see the Grand Prix page for the lists of age group and overall winners!

(YES, the football game will be on the televisions, so you can still catch the Cardinals in action!!!)

  • Medal presentation for those who ran 6 or more SAR Running Shop Grand Prix events! 
  • FREE food buffet (beverages not included)
WHEN:  6pm Sunday, January 24, 2016
WHERE:  Gentle Ben's (upper floor), near Euclid and University Avenue, at the UA Main Gate
PARKING: Plenty of street and garage parking is available

6pm-7pm:   Social hour with appetizers, cocktails and music
7:00:  Movie presentation starring SAR members
7:15:  Awards presentation
7:45:  Raffle drawing
8pm:  Stick around to mingle with new and old friends
* Exact schedule subject to change
ATTIRE:  Dress to impress!  Get out of those stinky running duds!

SUPER-SUPER RUNNERS: 12 or more Grand Prix finishes
Connie Lopez
Marti Ackermann
Michelle Hawk
Joe Faulk
Monica Bermudez
Steve and Sheryl Felde
Cindy Schnell
Joe Plassman
Linda Whelan
Shirley Hester
Don Taylor
Ramon Billy
Alec Briones
Daryll Brosanders
Joe Faulk
Bob Marshall
Mike Wilson
Marti Ackermann
Nancy Fuller
Jennifer Garcia
Connie Lopez
Laura Marshall
Cindy Schnell

 SUPER RUNNNERS: 6 or more Grand Prix race finishes
Marti Ackermann
Stephan Ackermann
Melody Bailey
Jeri Baker
 Ed Berkeley
 Ramon Billy
 Mary Black
 Don Branaman
 Harley Brenton
 Alec Briones
 Daryll Brosanders
 Andrea Buttrick
 Cheryl Carnes
 Luis Carrion
 John Chamberlain
 Maureen Cunningham
 Georgia Ehlers
 Nancy Ellis
 Scott Ellis
 Chris Fall
 Joe Faulk
 Sheryl Felde
 Steve Felde
 Nancy Fuller
 Karen Gallagher
 Jennifer Garcia
 Cristobal Garcia
 Noemi Garcia
 Loretta Gascoigne
 Daune George
 Robin Gerard
 Gary Giese
 Benito Gonzalez
 Scott Hamilton
 Stuart Hancock
 Carrie Harris
 Michelle Hawk
 Rogelio Hernandez
 Tanya Hertzler
 Jerome Hesse
 Shirley Hester
 Rachel Hilgeford
 Bill Hill
 Steve Hughes
 Shane Inman
 Jim Irish
 Thomas Jarvis
 Lydia Jennings
 Lisa Kiser
 Alan Kost
 Tim Lee
 Connie Lopez
 Bob Marshall
 Laura Marshall
 Michael Martin
 Guy McArthur
 Eva McDonough
 David Mellady
 Michael Miller
 Craig Mills
 Jeff Mitchell
 Tracy Murphy
 Robert Norwood
 Angel Ochoa
 Ruben Ochoa
 John Otto
 Steven Outridge
 Michael Parker
 Andrew Peck
 Richard Petronella
 Juan Pineda
 Leo Richard
 Paul Robillia
 Joanie Rogucki
 Peter Ruggles
 Diane Ruiz
 John Sabatine
 Jane Sage
 Susan Salmon
 Erik Sanders
 Stephen Schaefer
 Cindy Schnell
 Richard Senti
 Eve Shapiro
 Steve Sheldon
 Chad Simpson
 James Sinclair
 Sue Smith
 Joel Stamp
 Irene Swanson
 Lucas Tyler
 Caitlin Vass
 Nayeth Vega
 Roger Watson
 Mike Wilson
 Janet Wooddancer-Fisher
 Denise Yingst

Spring Races - see www.azroadrunners.org for details!