Hello, Bengals!

Finals Week! Just one more push, and you will have completed the spring semester at ISU. This has been a far different semester than we thought it would be when we started spring classes in January, but we’ve made it...together! 

As you are concluding this semester please remember we have so many people ready and willing to help you with next steps. 

If you had a little trouble with a spring class and you’d like to talk about grades or how to regroup, give us a call or click on the advisor link to book yourself into an online advising session at Advisor Directory . If you got to the end of the semester, and you’re not feeling great about the major you were considering, reach out to the Career Center at . These folks spend all their time helping people find the right career fit! They’re good at it, and their services are free to ISU students, staff, and faculty. 

Final grading for full term and late eight-week courses opened on Monday, April 27, and will close Tuesday, May 12, at 5 p.m. You will be able to view your final grades on BengalWeb for all Spring 2020 sections by noon on Wednesday, May 13. If you have questions about grades once they are posted, you may contact the Registrar .

We also know that moving to distance-learning mid-semester posed many challenges. If you are concerned about your performance in a course this semester and would like to talk with someone about the possibility of receiving a P/NP (Pass/No Pass) grade instead of a letter grade, you may petition to request a P/NP grade as an exception after the Spring 2020 term ends. Only grades of C or higher will be eligible for a P transition. Please be aware, however, that moving from a letter grade to a P/NP may impact many things, including (potentially) your financial aid. Talk to the Registrar’s Office. Talk to Advising. The staff in these offices are specialists. You don’t have to figure this out on your own!

This has indeed been a very different semester than we anticipated, but our ISU students have shown us that they are #BengalStrong! 

Roars Truly,
Lyn Redington
Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
Idaho State
This email was sent to Idaho State University students.
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