Welcome to the FINAL 2018 Gala Edition of the Buzz!
Thank you for joining us for our annual Gala!
Letter from the Chair

The luck of the Irish carried us through the incredible wind storm and enabled our "Lucky Knight for St. Ambrose" to go on as planned. Despite so many obstacles along the way, the evening came together, and an enjoyable time was had by all. It looks like we made a profit around $25,000 for our wonderful school! Included in this amount was $3,250 for our Fund-A-Need to enhance our sound system as well as $1,493 for items for the classroom through the Giving Tree. The generosity of our community is amazing and very much appreciated.

Despite the power outages in the area, we had many people in attendance. Thank you to Marian, Reilly & Sophia Savage and the McGrath School of Irish Dance School for kicking off our festive Irish evening. Everyone enjoyed watching the girls dance while clapping to the music. Speaking of music, An Cao did an incredible job providing our background music for the evening - thank you! Ms. B. kept us all entertained as emcee again and added her special touch to the evening. A huge thank you goes to Chris Rasmus, professional auctioneer, for agreeing to do our live auction again. His fast talk really added excitement to the auction and got people bidding.

I have so many people to thank for making this evening a reality, first and foremost, my family! They all helped and provided support in their own unique way and I cannot thank them enough. A special thank you to my husband (who doesn't like clutter) to allow all those gala items/centerpieces to overtake our house and a big thank you to my daughter, Michelle, for helping as much as she could with preparations and working at the raffle table. Thank you to Rachel Kramer for organizing the 50/50 Raffle again, Cathy Seangio for running the dessert auction again, and Phil Coady for taking the lead on the Bar. A special thank you to Barb & Mort Shea for helping with decorations, food and set up and for letting my family borrow their generator so I could run home and do my hair before the gala!

There were issues due to the power outage and I owe a HUGE thanks to Eileen Bliss, Michele Robbins, Becky Billups, and Heather Terreri for their help the night of the gala - I sincerely appreciated their help that night and throughout the whole gala process.
Thanks so much for your support,
Cindy Hollcraft
2018 Gala Chair
Top Auction Items

The Yaglou's New Hampshire Lake House went for $750

4 tickets to Disney World went for $650

Great Wolf Lodge Getaway went for $475

50/50 Results

We sold $3,840 i n raffle tickets to make for a great pot for our lucky winner , Maria Cunni ngham. Congratulations to Zoe & Zach Bogan for selling the most tickets. They received 12 movie passes to University Mall Theater and a $10 gift card to Five Below for their awesome work.
Lucky Week

Our lucky money week started out slow with pennies with 2 nd grade bringing in the most totaling $5.79. After announcing the class winner Monday afternoon, other classes got excited and started joining in the competition. 2 nd grade still brought in the most nickels on Tuesday totaling $10.40 while 1 st grade brought in the most dimes totaling $62.60. 7 th grade jumped in late bringing in the most quarters totaling $111.50. School was closed on Friday due to the wind storm so dollar bills were brought in on the following Monday. Once again, 2 nd grade brought in the most totaling $85. As you can guess, the 2 nd grade class was the top winner with a total of $246.94 with the 1 st grade class not far behind at $239.63. Congratulations! The 2 nd grade class wins a dress down day and special treat. The 1 st grade class wins an extra recess for being so close. Thank you to Trish Konczal for counting all those coins and to Sharon Driscoll for providing special surprises to the winning classes.
Photo Booth

Photo Fun Zone provided the photobooth for the evening. It was enjoyed by lucky guests that strolled out to the lobby to use it.
Please click the following link to view, down load, and share all photo b ooth pictures from the gala http://www.eventphotographersdc.com/Classic-Photo-Booth-Images/Saint-Ambrose-Catholic-School-Fundraiser-332018/
Thank You

Many thanks to Ida for her unending support throughout the gala process. Thank you to Mrs. Rowley and the PTO, the faculty for their support and donations, Fr. Fisher, Donna and Laura in the parish office for all of their support, Therese Ryan & Laura Mead for support, Don Cotton for the use of the choir room, James and Paul for the heavy lifting in setting up/cleaning up always done with a smile, Carla Yaglou for helping in so many ways and for working with the Byzantine Church to borrow, pick-up and return all those tables. She, her daughter Kelsey, James and Paul picked them up on Friday during the wind storm!

Thank you to the bakers that donated delicious desserts. We raised $1,141 from our dessert auction!

Thank you to everyone who donated items or gift cards to the auction and helped solicit businesses for donations. I sincerely appreciate the wonderful work of our room parents organizing the class baskets. Thank you to Kathleen Leffas for being the lead on this. The 1st grade Instant Pot basket brought in the most at $340. The 8 th grade Wellness basket was close at $320.

Thank you to those who worked on all our publications, especially Rosie McGuire who got the word out through our special Gala Buzz editions. She even sent me messages in the hospital after her surgery telling me she could try to get a gala buzz done! I appreciated her support. Thank you to my daughter, Michelle, for the video presentation and Dawn Westphal for printing the program and providing support, Anne Fox for the website, and Donna Vasilakos for helping with flyers for the church bulletin.

Thank you to the many people that came to help with set up: Eileen Bushman and Maryellen DeWolfe for ironing all those black tablecloths, Barb & Mort Shea for creating the beautiful gala signs, Cory Elder, Marie Welter, Barb Shea, and my daughters for helping create the beautiful centerpieces, Trish Konczal & Cindy Quinn for decorating the bathrooms, to all those that still came on Friday despite school being closed and power outages - my family, Sarah & Abigail Moran, Barb & Mort Shea, Blanca Reilly, Carrie, Sam & Joanna Walker, Viviana Gonzalez, Margaret Kelty, Sue, Zoe & Zach Bogan, and Trish Konczal, to those that came on Saturday to help again - Barb & Mort Shea, Trish Konczal & Cindy Quinn, Margaret Kelty and Mrs. Rowley for letting me into the school to print bid sheets.

Thank you to all those that signed up to help the night of the gala - you truly made a difference. A special thank you to Patrick Leffas for working at the computer all night. Thank you to everyone that cleaned up that night and to Michele Robbins for taking home the black tablecloths to wash. Thank you to everyone that came on Sunday to finish cleaning up. Many hands made for a quick clean up - thank you so much!!