The annual shopping list of Kansas products is a courtesy of the Inman-based Kansas Sampler Foundation . We hope this makes your holiday shopping easier and more enjoyable! The mission of the Kansas Sampler Foundation is to preserve and sustain rural culture and supporting these independently-owned business is part of that.
Holiday Shopping List #6
Kansas products you can buy online.
69 items all together; 6 new
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Special offer
University Press of Kansas, Lawrence
Cookbook and Explorer Set . Get Frank and Jayni Carey's New Kansas Cookbook plus the Kansas Guidebook 2 for Explorers. Regularly $59.90, now $45 with free shipping.

Expedition of Thirst and Explorer Set. Explore breweries, wineries and distilleries of Kansas and Missouri and also explore towns of every size across Kansas with Kansas Guidebook 2 . Regularly $54.90, now $45 with free shipping.

Fresh Seven Coffee, St. Francis
When it comes to roasting, we do it small. Roasting only 3.8lbs per batch fits perfectly with our strict stance on freshness. No coffee is ever sold past 7 days from roasting (actually its usually off the shelf in 3 -5 days). This keeps us roasting daily and guarantees you get the freshest coffee possible. After all...Fresh is our FIRST NAME!!

Sticky Spoons, Hutchinson
If you can get past the Sandhill Plum Jelly, there are 19 other delicious flavors. The quick-bread mixes are also homemade, using Kansas-grown wheat, milled in Hudson at the Stafford County Mills.

Hillside Honey Apiary, Wichita
Hillside Honey is a family and veteran owned bee farm located in Kansas. We offer local raw unfiltered honey, infused and creamed honey, and a whole host of personal care products.

Cheryl Unruh's Flyover People publications, Emporia
Cheryl Unruh is one of the best writers of Kansas life and her vivid descriptions put you in the scene. Find her publications here.

What's Right with Kansas by Ed O'Malley, Wichita
"What's Right with Kansas" tells the real-life stories of dozens of Kansans who demonstrate principles taught at the Kansas Leadership Center that anyone can use to make progress on what we care most about in our communities.

Christmas at the Stable by Kimberly Funk, Goessel
Here is a book with a fresh look at the Christmas story through the eyes of the animals that shared the stable with the newborn Jesus.   

Grandma Hoerner's Natural and Organic, Alma
No matter what dish you plan to make, Grandma Hoerner's famous pie fillings, savory sauces, fruit spreads, and more are here to impress your taste buds.

Symphony in the Flint Hills, Chase County
Give an unforgettable experience -- an escape to the tallgrass prairie for a day of awe-inspiring views accompanied by world-class music at Symphony in the Flint Hills' Signature Event on June 15, 2019.

Order by December 20 and receive a lovingly wrapped personalized gift box.

Dale Family Farms, Protection
Grass-finished beef, pastured poultry, pigs, and goats are the main feature but you can also get homemade soaps and dog bones. Try the German Bologna! Gift certificates available. Orders delivered.

Bluejacket Crossing Winery, Eudora
I n 2002, the vineyard began with an initial planting of Nortons (Cynthiana). In the following years they added Norton, St. Vincent, Seyval, Chambourcin, Fredonia, Vignoles, and Traminette vines. The vineyard now covers approximately 8 acres in Eudora.

Liquid Art Winery, Manhattan
Liquid Art Winery was a dream constructed many years ago by David and Danielle Tegtmeier. After planting 7,000 grapevines in 2015 on a 10-acre estate, many, including Sunset Red, are available for sale online.

Wyldewood Cellars, Mulvane
Famous for their elderberry wines, they now have over 40 wines made from fruits, berries, and some grape varieties.
American Grain Elevator by Linda Laird
This 111-page paperback tells the story of how grain storage began, how elevators were invented, who owns them and how they work. See many historic color photos.

Fallen Trees by Stan Finger, Wichita
Robbie Richten is at a crossroads. A promising relationship has faded. His freelance writing career in Kansas City is withering. He returns to his childhood home, a family farm in central Kansas, hoping to sort out his future. While there, he crosses paths with a friend and former classmate who has suffered a devastating loss. They connect anew, prompting Robbie to wonder if something more is possible.

Cameos of Courage by Collette Reichenberger and Judith Carroll, Independence
Cameos of Courage is set in Kansas and covers a span from the 1850's - 1880's. The book follows four ten-year-old girls making a home in Kansas: an abolitionist, an Osage Indian, an Exoduster, and a homesteader.

Remnants, Prairie Gas Stations Remembered by Judi Kirk, Greensburg
Judi Kirk explores what's left of the historic, colorful, and dynamic local 20th Century full-service filling stations found across Kansas. Some have been abandoned while others have been restored and preserved, or found new lives as office space, pharmacies, or retail stores.

Heartland Mill, Marienthal
At Heartland Mill, wheat is transformed from a farmer's crop to a baker's ingredient producing a wide variety of the finest organic baking products available.

Olde Westport Spice, Goodland
The company’s spice blends include Italian, Cajun, Taco, Fajita, Chili, Jalapeno, Beef Sauce, Salsa, Garlic and many more. The company also invented dry soup mixes.

Section 27, A Century on a Family Farm by Mil Penner, Inman
In this collection of brief, evocative vignettes, Penner traces the influence of pioneer roots on the present generation as he chronicles the transformation of the land from untouched prairie to productive farm.

Prairie Hollow Productions, Dover
“Meet a number of Flint Hills residents who are contributing to their communities in different ways in this 90-minute documentary from Dave Kendall & Laura Mead at Prairie Hollow Productions.” 

Kansas Originals, Wilson
Kansas Originals Market and Gallery showcases the fine art, folk art, exquisite crafts, and food products of over 200 Kansans—the largest selection found anywhere.

Kelly Werts, Fairway
Kansas City finger style guitarist Kelly Werts, a veteran of the regional acoustic music scene, has released a solo album that reaches back to his personal roots. The CD, entitled “Crawdad”, features Kelly singing the title song, a reminder of his childhood days spent playing at the edge of the neighborhood creek.

Fanestil, Emporia
Fanestil Meats has been making delicious smokehouse meats since 1942. Most famous for their Party Time Ham!

Brown Enough by Ken Ohm, Topeka
Author Ohm says , "Brown Enough is a novel, based on a true story set in 1956, featuring seven Blacks, three Mexicans and one white guy all tolerating the nearness of racism while playing baseball, the game they love."

Bloomin' Prairie Poetry by Helene Landenberger, St. Francis
Landenberger, the Wild Rose Poet, says, "This is poetry from the land that the Cheyenne loved the best, where the sky is blue as wonder and the prairie passed the test, where the grain is gold and tasty and the beef is number one, and the air is just the clearest under western Kansas sun."

Soul Sister Ceramics, Courtland
Unique handmade ceramic jewelry and pottery using Kansas clay.

Atom Pop Corn Popper, Bushton
The Atom Pop is a stove top popcorn popper. It makes 2 1/2 quarts of popped corn. The bowl measures 10 1/2 inches in diameter at the top and the base is 3 3/4 inches in diameter. The conical shape and aluminum bowl allow the popcorn to be popped without stirring or shaking.

Blacksmith Coffee Roastery, Lindsborg
Blacksmith Coffee Roastery is a family owned and operated coffee shop and roasting company located in “Little Sweden USA”. They are an artisan microroaster, specializing in super-premium, single-origin Arabica bean coffees. Find many flavors along with the Christmas blend.

Rogue Tools by Prohoe, Munden
Rogue Tools are handcrafted and made from recycled disc blades. The grinding, welding and sharpening are all done by hand. Hoes are used in gardens and fields. Larger blades are used to clean sidewalks, driveways, car washes, farm buildings, and more. The fire fighting/trail building tools are the newest model

Holmes Made Salsa, Wichita
It's not only home-made, it's Holmes made! Specializing in salsa, relishes, and fruit spreads. Gift boxes available.

Oz Winery, Wamego
The wine is really good and the names are really fun! Blue Gingham Dress, Oil Can, Drunken Munchkin, Aunt Em's Prairie Rose, and many more!

Prairie Fire Winery, Paxico
As owner Bob DesRuisseaux says, Prairie Fire is a "dirt to glass" operation. Find twenty five Kansas-grown wine choices with fun and attractive labels.

Circle's Pecans, McCune
Since 1994, Circle's has strived to provide the freshest, locally-grown pecans around, becoming the largest pecan retail operation with a shelling plant in the Kansas.

Schenker Family Farms, McCune
From meats to handmade preserves to doggie treats, buy from this family farm operation!

Grannie's Homemade Mustard, Newton
It's the only mustard Marci Penner uses. Nine flavors! Lydia Hein (Granny) first debuted her family mustard secret recipe in 1990. It's been making sandwiches, sausage, and other meats better ever since.

Schlaegel's Popcorn, Whiting
Since 1970, Gary and Marian Schlaegel have been growing the pop "corn" on their family farm. They now have 20 flavors.

The Sweet Granada, Emporia
Truffles, assorted chocolates, and the ever-popular pop-choc (chocolate drizzled popcorn) are made on site.

Cashmere Popcorn, Topeka
Since 2013, Bill and Angie’s goal is to create a high-quality product in every handcrafted batch of popcorn

Pat's Beef Jerky, Liebenthal
Pat’s Beef Jerky opened this family-operated business in 1990 in the former Liebenthal state bank. Pat spent many hours trying recipes until the final secret recipe was found. Customers love it!

Double B Baits, Herington
High school student Gabe Backhus likes to use his own lures in the fishing competitions he enters. He is glad to sell them to others, too. Two classmates help him with this entrepreneurial effort.

Sky Smeed, Lawrence
Sky’s country-tinged tunes of working hard, dogs, love, money, beer, coffee, and the call of the road make for good listening. His newest album is "Driving all night."

Diamond W Wranglers, Towanda
Get this collector's item 2-CD set of original Western music. It's virtually all composed by the duo of Stu Stuart and Jim Farrell. Many have been re-recorded and all have been re-mastered for an exciting listening experience! Included is a full-color insert that includes an extensive group history PLUS insights and stories about the songs.

Great Plains Theatre, Abilene
From comedians and magicians to chart topping musicians and Pulitzer winning Broadway hits, Great Plains Theatre has something for everyone.

Ann Zimmerman, Salina
"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice," said Martin Luther King, Jr. Ann Zimmerman's song puts flesh on the bones of that observation in a moving exchange between child and elder.

Find many other albums, as well.

Small World Gallery, Lindsborg
Jim Richardson photography
Fine art prints, cards, and posters from National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson.

Ibiswoman Jewelry, Lindsborg
IBISwoman designers Kathy Richardson and Briana Zimmerling find inspiration in the gallery's huge, global collection of antique, vintage and contemporary beads. Find work from artists Carla Wilson and Lee Becker, too.

Prairie Harvest, Newton
Find trail mix and traditional peppernuts made on site in addition to Grannie's Mustard and other Kansas products.

Carol Long Pottery, Stafford County
Handmade tile and decorative pottery by Carol Long.

Kansas! Magazine, Topeka
Discover the wonders awaiting you in the heartland! Each issue of  KANSAS!  is individually curated by dedicated editor Andrea Etzel to take you on a memorable journey through the Sunflower State.

Spinning Earth Pottery, Gardner
Danny Meisinger works to artistically shape clay in ways that bring function and beauty together.

The Konza Press, Wichita
The Konza Press showcases the people, places and rich traditions of the Great Plains through the work of native artists, writers and photographers. They produce popular gift-books, greeting cards and other products.

Robin Valenzuela Art, Garden City
Find Robin's original or digital art on many products on her Zazzle site.

Strawberry Hill Povitica, Merriam
Povitica is a European hand-made sweet bread. Choose from twelve flavors including English Walnut, Strawberry, Poppy Seed and Lemon Cream.

Prairie Earth Tours, Emporia
Casey Cagle and his Prairie Earth Tours take you off the beaten path. Experience the living culture and beauty of Kansas with him on a guided bus tour.

Sunflower State Tours, Hope
Joe and Nakita Hirsch have a 14 passenger transit bus to take you on amazing Kansas adventures.

BUY ADVENTURE! Kansas Guidebook 2 for Explorers by Marci Penner & WenDee Rowe
published by the Kansas Sampler Foundation
Out-of-the-way places, hiking spots, scenic drives, made-from-scratch food, fun art, amazing architecture, and Kansas characters await you in this one-of-a-kind Kansas guidebook. Ask for personalized autographs.

8 Wonders of Kansas Guidebook by Marci Penner
published by the Kansas Sampler Foundation
Beautiful Harland Schuster pictures showcase the 216 places in Kansas that were part of the 8 Wonders contests .

Kansas Explorer Club merchandise
Sport your allegiance to Kansas with fun t-shirts designed for Kansas Explorer Club members.

Heart of a Champion by author Jennifer Freeman, LeRoy
Heart of a Champion: The Life and Legacy of Coach Bill Freeman remembers a great coach and an even greater man. The author is Bill's daughter.

Kansas Oddities by Roger Ringer, Medicine Lodge
Kansas Oddities: Just Bill the Acting Rooster, The Locust Plagues of Grasshopper Falls, Naturalist Camps And More.

Hidden History of Kansas by Adrian Zink
Author and historian Adrian Zink digs deep into the Sunflower State's history to reveal intriguing hidden and overlooked stories.

University Press of Kansas, Lawrence
The press publishes work on American politics (including the presidency, American political thought, and public policy), military history and intelligence studies, American history (especially political, cultural, intellectual, and western), environmental policy and history, American studies, film studies, law and legal history, Native American studies, and books about Kansas and the Midwest.

Christmas Wish List of designated funds in the McPherson County Community Foundation
Message from McPherson County Community Foundation director Becky Goss: Welcome to our online Holiday Wish List. Below are "wish" requests participating organizations have to help improve or increase their capacity in serving their communities. Please consider donating to one or more organizations. The online catalog will be open to receive donations from November 5 to December 31, 2018. THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY!

Support the Augusta Historic Theatre Neon Marquee
The Augusta Historic Theatre, an Art Deco movie palace built in 1935 and placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1999, needs your help in repairing its ornate and iconic neon marquee,

Shopping local is investing in that community
If you've owned a store you know that every customer is valued, especially when the shopping is intentional. From Ellen Plumb's City Bookstore in Emporia to the gift shop at Cloud County Tourism in Concordia, do consider meaningful shopping with these independent store owners.
Kansas Sampler Foundation, Inman
End-of-year donations help re-fill the operating accounts of many non-profits, including the Kansas Sampler Foundation. Think about the organizations in your life that do good work and send them a donation of any size.Every contribution means a great deal.

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