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June 2017
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Right from the Start has a VERY Important UPDATE!
We are making a few changes to our programming. For the 2017/2018 school year our coaches and mentors and will be spreading their wings to take on some different programming, schools and grades. Kate Rive will be staying at ERS full time. Deren Alward will be moving to LGMS 4 days a week and will maintain 1 day a week at ERS. Kat Wiebe  and Allyson Van Impe will both stay at BES in their current roles but next year will be exciting as the grade 6's stay on in the new school and become grade 7's and the 8's. Mary Weighell will stay as the Project Coordinator and will be working with Alpenglow School 1 day a week.

Elizabeth Rummel School
During Mental Health Week the soul warmers decorated coffee sleeves for the Rocky Mountain Bagel Company with messages that might make you laugh, smile or just feel good! Soul warmers is a  grade 3 club of students that choose activities to help out the community, do good deeds or spread messages of well-being. Nice work Soul Warmers!

The Grade 3's have been preparing for their big move to LGMS.  Many games have been played and productive discussions had revolving around their upcoming transition.  The students appeared very willing and able to give voice to their concerns and questions.  And instead of having the adults give the answers, the Gr. 4's graciously gave their time and expertise on the subject.  

The Kindergartens and Grade 1's have been doing "stinky yoga vegetable" poses and learning the importance of helping each other out through games and/or outside activities.
The Grade 2's have been learning about the importance of honesty and using their senses through games and fun both in their classrooms and outdoors.
All Grades have been preparing for the grande finale game-show, where questions and surveys are delivered and the kids get to answer honestly whatever they feel they now  know or don't know with respect to social emotional awareness .   The students know there are no right or wrong answers, and it gives us an idea of the effectiveness of our programming.
Thank-you all for your help and raising such awesome little human beings.
The RFTS team.

  ERS celebrates Mental Health Week with a picnic and dance party!!!  
Banff Elementary
Wellness Mentor Kat Wiebe and Heather Breen (Town of Banff  Child and Family Wellness Programmer ) co-facilitated Netiquette sessions with BES students in grades 4, 5, and 6. Students shared which devices and platforms they use and what they do on their screens. There are many pros (entertainment, fun, communication, research/learning) but interestingly, the students came up with many more cons! Ways to wellness in our technological era include plenty of family and social activities, outdoor and active time, and quiet time for creativity and unwinding. Healthy boundaries include good practices like no screens at mealtimes or in bedrooms, homework and chores first, and time limits that are enforced by parents. Developing brains need face-to-face interactions with other kids, emotional attachment comes through family connection, and growing bodies need exercise and lots of sleep.

Spring's arrival (finally!) allowed opportunities for Walks of Wellness; a nice connection was made with a local anthill, which relates to curriculum and compassion for all living creatures. 

  We focused on LAUGHTER to celebrate Mental Health Week! 
What makes you LAUGH?
The "Christopher Tree" (a Bird Cherry tree planted in memory of a previous student) on BES's front school yard is in full bloom, and many students, families, and school staff appreciate its beauty. 

Lawrence Grassi Middle School grade 4's
The past month the Grade 4 students have been quite engaged in helping with the transition of the Grade 3's.  They have been addressing and answering concerns and questions that the Grade 3's have about moving into a new school.  It culminated with the Gr. 3's arriving at LGMS and the Gr.4's being their chaperons around the school to give them a true inside scoop.  The Gr. 4's were able to show their pals around the school and give them an idea of what to expect next year at LGMS.  
There was also the farewell Grande ice-cream  sunday Finale to celebrate the impressive letter exchange program between seniors in our community (the Grandpals) and their pen pals in Mme Delorme/Sophie and Mme Amirault's classes.  Fun was had by all, capping off another successful letter writing exchange.
  Grade 4's at LGMS play games and and make ice cream sundaes with their Gran Pals to wrap up their year long letter writing exchange!

Cross Generational Connections continue. Thanks to FCSS Canmore,Right from the Start, CRPS teachers and students and of course our local seniors!  
  Parenting is HARD work! Especially when  you and your partner have different parenting styles, or ways of dealing with certain types of behaviors, conflicts and ideas around discipline. Here is a great article to help guide some of your conversations with your partner.

Have a Wonderful, Adventure filled SUMMER!!!
Right from the Start