JUNE 2018
With the beautiful days of summer upon us Right from the Start wants to wish you a fun, adventurous and family filled summer. Take some to do the most simplest of things with your children...walk by the creek and watch the ducks, have a picnic in the forest, swing on the swings and find time to lay in the grass. Your children only need your quality time, it's not about how many things you can pack into your summer but how you spend the time you have with your children.

This is the final newsletter until September... BE WELL!
‘Dear Kids, Love From Your Brain.’ What All Kids Need to Know About the Brain
 by  Karen Young
Kids do great things with the right information, and any information we can give them about how to become the best version of themselves will lay a sprinkling of gold dust on their path to adulthood. They have enormous power to influence the structure and function of their brain in ways that will build important skills and qualities, such as resilience, courage, confidence, and emotional and social intelligence. First though, we need to give them the information they need to perform their magic. Here’s what all kids need to know. Click HERE for more

Elizabeth Rummel School
Dance parties and picnics, smile campaigns, chalking messages and giving compliments! What a great week to celebrate Mental Health Week!

The focus of the week centered around appreciating yourself and recognizing the amazing gifts we all have within ourselves!

Walk down the ERS hallway and see how the kindergarten kids shared their own messages around "BEE YOURSELF"

Chalking messages for Mental Health Week!
Lawrence Grassi School
Mental Health Week was an exciting time at Lawrence Grassi. The Grade 8's had a visitor, from AHS come in with Mr. D to discuss the importance of recognizing one's own personal wisdom and strengths. This was then channeled into a letter the kids wrote to themselves which they will later open when they get to CCHS. The letter highlights what each believes to be important and also lets the future self-know of what is presently going on in life now. A number of Grade 8s took extra time outside of class to finish off their letters, one writing so much (10 pages!) that she had a hard time stuffing the bulging envelop inside the slot of the container which held all the letters. 

The Grade 5 and 6's who went onto the sidewalks and drew their appreciations. The objective here was simply to make others smile and "celebrate you". Again people in the community took notice, some stopping to thank the children, while others took pictures of the artwork. After the artwork completed one Grade 5 student summed it all by stating "This is great. I love loving myself". If only we could all love loving ourselves all the time. What a difference that would make. 
 Some of the Grade 4, 5, and 6's in class joined in a conversation about the importance of liking yourself. They then went out into the community to celebrate others for being themselves. The Grade 4's went to locally owned shops on and off main street and presented people with smiley stickers. Their objective was to make people feel good about "being you". Lots of laughter and compliments were shared with the children, as well as positive feedback given to the supervising adults involved in this project. 
Alpenglow School

Alpenglow students, teachers and parents shared in a 'TAKE 5' during Mental Health Week. Connecting with others, sharing smiles, a snack and a warm cuppa is great for your Mental Health.

The teachers and students at Alpenglow share in beautiful and connecting ways every morning by gathering as a community and then taking the time to go for a walk with their class. See the video below to see just how amazing the staff is at making sure your child starts the day in a beautiful way.

Banff Elementary School

 BES celebrated mental health week in a variety of fun ways! Activities included a smile campaign where students approached people in downtown Banff with smiles, chalk art drawing on the sidewalks around the school, hats on for mental health, a Take 5 where some grade 6 students hosted a fundraiser, treats for staff, and a wall of compliments where teachers left a positive comment for every student on their desk. A dance party happened to fall in the same week so there was plenty of joy. 

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