The TMC Tucson 10K, Virtual Edition
Hello again to the 499 runners and walkers who are joining us for this year's Virtual Edition of the TMC Tucson 10k, the 2nd leg of the 2020 Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown!

While we'll miss seeing you at the start line bright and early on race day, we look forward to visiting with many of you as you pick up your shirt, medal and race number over the next two days.

Thanks to the 20 members of Team Hoyt, the 30 people from Team TMC, all the members of the Southern Arizona Roadrunners, runners from the Workout Group and the different training teams in town, and the various folks from out of town -- we're so glad that all of you are part of this event.

Read below for information on:

  • When and where to pick-up your shirt, medal, and race number.
  • How to upload your virtual race results

If you still have questions after reading everything below, please email us at

Thanks for being part of our wonderful running community. We wish everyone a great weekend!

Randy and Tia Accetta and Sandy, Georgia, & the crew at Run Tucson
Packet Pick-Up
Packet pick-up is at The Running Shop
The Running Shop, 3055 N Campbell Ave
Friday, September 18: 3:00-6:00 pm
Saturday, September 19: 10:00-1:00 pm.

Following social distancing guidelines, race shirts, souvenir numbers, and race medals will be set up outside of the Running Shop on Friday and Saturday. We ask that you wear a face covering and try to maintain a distance of 6 ft. between yourself and someone else when possible. Please send a friend if you are feeling ill.

Shirts and medals will be available at The Running Shop after race weekend for those who can't make it on Friday or Saturday. We are in the process of mailing shirts and medals to the participants who live outside of the greater Tucson area. Below is a list of folks who are on our out of town mailing list. If there is a star (*) by your name, it means we don't have a shirt size listed for you. Please email info@ with your preferred shirt size ASAP.
What to do after you run.
Upload your Race Results HERE
You can complete the 10K (or 5K) distance any time between now and Sunday, September 20, at midnight. (And if you need to take more time, that's fine -- but we will be doing our raffle giveaway for all finishers early next week!)

Once you've done your virtual race, enter your time on this results form. You can also find the TMC TUCSON 10K Results Form in the header of the Run Tucson homepage.

The final results will be posted on the Run Tucson web page and the Southern Arizona's TMC Tucson 10K race results page.

Some of you have already filled out the race result page -- the first five replies remind me of why I love running:

  • was thinking of Gabe Zimmerman.
  • was wishing it was a "real" race because I set a P.R.
  • was hurrying to get back home for an early morning Virtual Town Hall for work!
  • was exhausted but felt accomplished as this was my first 10k
  • Watched the sun come up.

Sign up to volunteer at packet pick-up here.
If you are interested in volunteering at packet pick-up on Friday, September 18 or Saturday, September 19 at The Running Shop, sign up here. Volunteers will be given a "Run Tucson" buff and gloves to wear while handing out race shirts and medals. Thanks for your service!

Out of town participants.
If you live outside of the greater Tucson area or registered for the Virtual Triple Crown, we will be mailing your race swag this week. Here is the list of out of town participants. * Names mean we do not have a shirt size listed. Please email with your preferred shirt size as soon as possible.
Erin Cain
Christy Castillo
Wendy Conger
*James Corless
*Heather Corless
Robyn Fowler
Kristina Frank
Craig Frank
Anastasia Frank
Juris Gaidelis
Melody Gastelum
Tenisha Germosen
Lisa Graeme
David Hattan
Kathryn Honda
*Christie Jensen
Annette Koweek
Heather Lamb
Gloria Lebario
David Lopez
Elizabeth Lubis
Nicole Mariscal
Eric Mcney
Marty Michelson
Alexander Montanaro
Kerry Murphy
Arturo Payan
Aley Payan
Jesus Perez
Pam Ray
Joanie Rogucki
Mary Silverwind
Eileen Spear
Eric Swedlund
Nick Williams
Danny Wilson
Benjamin Wilson
Jaden Wilson
Ryan Wilson
Jessica Wong
Bobby Wong
Linda Wright
*Dana Rae Zygmunt
Virtual Race FAQ

Q: Why can't we do this race in person?
A: A few reasons: 1) This event requires permits from Pima Community College, Pima County, and the City of Tucson, and we cannot get the appropriate permits to hold the event at its normal staging venue. 2) Normally, 1500 runners and walker do this event -- even though we have stopped advertising it, 499 of you have signed up and during the ongoing public health crisis we simply cannot find a venue in the region for such a large group.

Q: Are all of your races going to be virtual from now on?
A: We hope not. We miss throwing running parties and seeing our friends laughing, smiling, and having fun together. We're trying to create an innovative and safe in-person experience for the October 25th TMC Get Moving Tucson at a new venue, and at the November 7th Grand Canyon Trail Half Marathon in the Kaibab National Forest. We're not sure what will happen for the New Year's Day Hair of the Dog.

Q: Are you still funding charities and non-profits?
A: Yes. Even though it's virtual this year, the TMC Tucson 10k fundraising is designed to enhance our community's overall physical and mental health and wellness. This event will raise approximately $1,000 for the non-profit running club, the Southern Arizona Roadrunners. And a portion of each entry will go to our final contribution of over $5,000 to the BEYOND-Tucson Foundation

Q: What does Virtual mean anyway?
A: Instead of meeting in person, you will be able to walk or run on your own, at your own place, in a location of your own choosing. Ideally, you would walk or run 5k or a 10k on the weekend of September 19 and 20, but if you want to get it done beforehand, that's fine too. All you have to do is post your time and distance to a spreadsheet. And you're done. Well, then keep an eye out to see if you won gift card raffle prizes.

Q: Where do I find the spreadsheet?
A: We'll send out detailed instructions for how to post your results in early September.

Q: Do I have to do a 10k?
A: No -- you can certainly walk or run the 5k distance -- or even a mile. Just get out and walk or run in our wonderful late summer weather.

Q: Do I still get my shirt and medal?
A: Of course! We've ordered comfortable soft shirts and we've ordered race medals from Ashworth Awards, out of the Boston area. The medals are made in the USA. Ashworth's production capacity is limited, and because many of you like useful items, we decided to thematize the medal and go with another bottle opener so that you have a set from these first two Triple Crown races.

Q: I live in Tucson, how will I get my TMC Tucson 10k souvenirs?
A: For those who live in and around Tucson, we will have a social-distanced and safe packet pickup, similar to the way we did things back in June at TMC Meet Me Downtown. We'll send specific directions in the coming weeks.

Q: I don't live in Tucson, how will I get my TMC Tucson 10k souvenirs?
A: For those who live outside of Tucson, we will mail you your souvenirs to the address listed on your registration. We're trying to get our TMC Get Moving Tucson souvenirs ready to ship out at the same time, too!!

If you want to check your registration information, please email

Q: Are you providing age group awards?
A: Unfortunately, no, the Virtual race will not have age group or overall race awards.

Q: Will you do gift certificates like you did with TMC Meet Me Downtown?
A: Yes -- we're rounding up a host of gift cards to give as random prizes.  

Q: How can I win a prize???
A: Everyone who does a distance is eligible for a raffle prize. Once you have shared your virtual 5k or 10k results with us through the google form (more details coming soon), your name will be entered in the TMC Tucson 10k Raffle. The drawing will be shown live on Facebook and you will receive an email letting you know YOU WON!

Q: Can friends still register?
A: Yes! We have about 50 spots left. You can register online here:

Registration ends on September 14th.

Q: What if I still have questions?
A: Please email if you have a question that did not get answered here.
Special thanks to our title sponsor, Tucson Medical Center. For all your health care, needs, please see Want 24/7 telemedicine? Check out

If you have not yet picked up your medal and shirts from the TMC Meet Me Downtown Night Run, please visit long-time sponsor The Running Shop at 3055 North Campbell.

We're grateful to Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown partners, Cox Communications, Rio Nuevo, the Arizona Daily Star, Downtown Partnership, AMR ambulance, Waste Management, KGUN's Morning Blend, Tucson Lifestyle Magazine, and others for all their continuing support.
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