Evening of June 6th

The League of Women Voters here in Davis County has a long tradition of hosting Meet the Candidate events so that voters have a better chance of getting to know who is running for office.

Over the next few weeks, they will be hosting events for each of the races here in Davis County.

The events will be in an online format with each candidate being given a few minutes to give their background and why they are running for office, and then each candidate being given a chance to answer some questions. (Suggested questions can be submitted from the community ahead of time and all candidates will be given the questions ahead of time to think about how they would like to answer.)

All of the events will then be available online here so if you would like more information about the candidates in any of the races, you can go listen to them again at your leisure.

Because there are so many races in Davis County, the events will take place over multiple evenings. The event for my race (House District 19) will be the evening of Monday, June 6th at 6:00 P.M.

I hope you will log on to watch during the event or take a chance to watch it afterwards.