12/13/20 Update

Right now the council has small quantities of extra popcorn in all but one of the districts. We have received 56 requests from units for additional popcorn. We have also been notified by 24 units that they have extra popcorn. Some of the items that units need will have to be ordered from Camp Masters as the council and units do not have those items available.

I spent most of the day on Friday matching who needed popcorn and where we have available products. I will continue working on this Monday and Tuesday.

When Unit Kernels send an email, most of the time they forget to indicate which unit they are with. If they do indicate the unit, they forget to mention which district they are in. Terri Schultz, our popcorn staff leader who retired earlier this year, had been working with popcorn for 30+ years and knew which district each unit was in from memory. I have not yet memorized the 170+ units participating in the sale. So to speed up the process of identifying units that need popcorn and sources of popcorn, please use one of the links below to communicate with me.

In summary - please have patience. We will get the popcorn you need, but it may take a few days to get the items moved from one part of the council to another and then into your hands.

- Darin Steindl, Director of Support Services

Prize Ordering

Regular Prizes

Unit Popcorn Kernels should have already submitted their prize order online to Keller. Those units that have submitted their order probably have already received the prizes. If not, the prizes should be arriving in the next day or two.

If your unit has not submitted the prize order yet - please do so ASAP.

Council Bonus Prizes

The council bonus prizes required printed paperwork being sent to the Fargo office.

If your unit has not submitted the bonus prize paperwork yet - please do so ASAP.

Final Payment

Final payment for the popcorn sale is be due by Tuesday, December 29.

  • Final unit invoices will be emailed to the unit popcorn kernels by December 18 and will include any of the extra commissions your unit has earned (units keep the commission and pay the difference)

  • Units that do not make the final payment on or before December 29 will be assessed a 3% late fee

  • If your unit might have an issue paying on time - please contact us before the deadline