Last Chance to Turn in Prize Orders

Keller Prize Program - If you have not submitted a prize order online to Keller (for the regular prizes), your last chance to do so is 12/31/20. Prize orders submitted after 12/31/20 may not be filled.

Camp Masters High Achiever or Scholarship Replacement program - printed forms need to be submitted to the council no later than 12/30/20. The council needs to forward these to Camp Masters no later than 12/31/20 and the council office is closing early that day. Camp Masters will not accept any additional forms after 12/31/20.

  • CLICK HERE to review the list of Scouts that the council has received for the High Achiever program.

  • CLICK HERE to review the list of Scouts that the council has received for the Scholarship Replacement program.

Council Bonus Prizes - printed forms need to be submitted no later than 12/31/20 to the Center for Scouting in Fargo or the Scout Center in Bismarck.

Camp discount certificates and beanies will begin going out to districts and then units starting next week. There will be a delay on the draw-string backpacks.

Top Popcorn Sellers

  1. Andrew R, Troop 246, Northern Sky, $12,500
  2. Brayden M, Pack 234, Northern Sky, $10,660
  3. Colten H, Pack 32, Roughrider, $7,607
  4. Jaeger G, Pack 352, Prairie Fire, $5,425
  5. Kolton A, Pack 59, Lake Agassiz, $5,350
  6. Riley K, Pack 352, Prairie Fire, $5345
  7. Benjamin A, Troop 213, Northern Sky, $5,280
  8. Ian S, Troop 225, Northern Sky, $5,260
  9. Lucas K, Pack 496, Prairie Fire, $5,135
  10. Riley M, Troop 654, Northern Sky, $5,005

The number #1 top seller, Andrew R, will receive a $300 gift card and top sellers #2-10 will receive a $100 camp credit for any Northern Lights Council camp in 2021.

Congratulations to all of the top sellers in the council!

Information was collected from Unit Popcorn Kernels as submitted after the sale.