Units That Have Extra Popcorn Available

Units from around the council have told us that they have extra popcorn available. This has been an unusual year with the pandemic and some units have more popcorn left over than a normal year. Don't panic - here are some things you can do:

  • In a few weeks, have your Scouts contact customers that already bought the kind of popcorn you have left over. Most will have eaten their supply already and may want to purchase more.

  • When your unit begins meeting again, let the Scouts know what you have left overs and do a mini-popcorn sale with the idea that Scouts can earn money to go to camp this summer.

  • When the weatherman forecasts a nice weekend - see if you can schedule a store front sale - or ask if you can have Scouts selling after church services or during sporting events.

  • Do a Facebook post letting the community know you have extra popcorn available.

  • Contact your local newspaper or radio station and explain that due to COVID, your unit has extra popcorn available for sale. Give them a bag of popcorn and ask if they could advertise for you.

  • If you have Scouts or customers contact you asking if there is any popcorn left over - and you don't have those items in stock, contact other units in your area to see if you could buy some of their extra popcorn (see the link below).

Last Chance to Turn in Prize Orders

If you have not submitted a prize order to Keller (for the regular prizes), your last chance to do so is 12/31/20.

If you still need to submit prize forms for the Camp Masters High Achiever award or Council Bonus Prizes, your last chance is 12/30/20. We need to forward some of the forms to Camp Masters and they will not accept any forms after 12/31/20.

After these deadlines, we will post on the popcorn page the list of Top Sellers in the council.

As soon as the drawstring backpacks arrive, we will get the Council Bonus prizes distributed to each of the districts and then to your unit.