Empowering Women And Children Impacted By The Criminal Justice System
Dear New Hour Friend, 

We've been busy. ABC 7 Eyewitness News joined us to hear more from our members about what New Hour means to them and how we continue to create a safe space for women in reentry. We marched with hundreds this past Saturday in NYC. And yesterday and today we are in Albany to call for parole justice, which would allow our incarcerated mothers and grandmothers to be considered for parole instead of death behind bars.

With less than 2 days left of this legislative session we must keep pushing for the passage of these needed reforms. Can you join us and The People's Campaign for Parole Justice in Albany tomorrow, June 10th at 11am for a rally and press conference?

  • If you can join the Albany rally in-person, RSVP here.
  • If you can join the rally via zoom, RSVP here.

In addition, please make your voice heard: join us using this Phone to Action tool here to call, email, and tweet at your legislators urging them to pass parole reforms. Show your support on social media by posting why you support Parole Justice. See a guide on how to do this here and amplify recent parole justice press by using sample posts here.

There's so much more to do, let's do it together.


The New Hour Team

Amanda, Anitria, Danielle, Daphne, Jess, Kelsey, Lindsay, Pam, Serena & Shoshana
The Fight for Parole Justice Continues
Saturday, we took the streets in NYC with hundreds to make our demands clear: We want the passage of Elder Parole and Fair + Timely Parole this session! Tomorrow, we head to Albany to do the same.

Serena led us in chant: “For every single woman I have left behind, for all of us who have been behind bars, we deserve freedom, we deserve a second chance. There are too many elderly people dying without their families. We need to pass these bills THIS SESSION.”
New Hour in the News
Our monthly support group meeting for women in reentry was the focus of ABC7 Eyewitness News coverage where our members shared more about what New Hour means to them and why we were founded.

“We needed to create a space where people's stories and experiences were valued," Liguori said. "Where you didn't have to feel overwhelmed by guilt, shame, and stigma.”