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Saying this wine is special would be the understatement of the year. Pre-Phylloxera vineyards are very, I emphasize very, rare in Europe. Phylloxera is a microscopic insect that feeds on the root of grape vines, millions of acres were wiped out in Europe, causing some varietals to actually go extinct.

The solution to the problem was to graft vines onto American rootstock which was resistant to the insect. 99.9 percent of European grape vines are secured to the ground by American root stock, making only .1 percent that is still grown on their original roots also making them some of the oldest vines in the area.  
So why is this important, many argue that the grafting of root stock has manipulated flavor profile, meaning the only way to taste a true Verdejo grape would be from fruit produced on their original roots. Is it true? Well I can tell you this wine we are offering today is outstanding, is it due to the root stock? Hell if I know, you tell me.

This cuvee is named after Amador Diez de Íscar, who was president of the winery for 21 years. It is produced in limited quantity with meticulous care from a selection of the 10 best hectares of the winery’s centennial pre-phylloxera vineyard – harvested by hand – and vinified with the aim of favoring its longevity, making it ideal for its consumption today while maintaining great aging potential. The wine is bottled manually with an exclusive presentation that includes a label stamped on wood.

"One of the most ambitious Rueda whites, this comes from a selection of pre-phylloxera vineyards and is built to age. The oak is better integrated than on the 2015, which is also available in the market right now, supporting a wine with amazing intensity and focus. Nutty and intense, it has flavours of pear, citrus and marzipan, with undertones of fennel and cinnamon, good structure and racy, palate-cleansing acidity."
- Tim Atkin (November 2020), 95 pts


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Amador Diez Cuvee Verdejo 2017
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