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Channeling the Upper Valley

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October 19, 2022

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What is JAM?  JAM – Junction Arts & Media is CATV's new location and name reflecting our expanding role supporting local content creators across media platforms and through in-person media arts exhibits, activities, and events.


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Workday Timelapse

Workday Timelapse

Clouds dance above a day in the life in Hanover. Thank you, Masiello Group!

It's TIMELAPSE October at JAM! We invite you to play with that "timelapse" feature on your smartphone to "see" time in new ways. To share your video on-air and in the newsletter, email:

Celebrating Richard Potter

America's "First Black Celebrity," the magician, ventriloquist, and showman Richard Potter made his home in Andover NH from 1814 until his death in 1835. Proctor Academy celebrated Potter last month with speakers JerriAnne Boggis of The Black Heritage Trail of NH, ventriloquist Dan Richard, and author John Hodgson.

Produced by Bonnie Fladung, Osher/CATV Documentary Production course "grad"

Discover Nidra ease

Leslie Carleton of Upper Valley Yoga shares a guided meditation into the yogic state of "nidra," a conscious space between wakefulness and sleep that offers deep ease and restoration.  Find more meditation and yoga offerings from Upper Valley Yoga at JAM On-Demand.

Final Salute to James Wright

Dartmouth President James Wright started his career as a lead miner and then as a U.S. Marine. Acclaimed as one of Dartmouth's finest leaders, Wright passed away last week. He discussed his book Enduring Vietnam at the Norwich Bookstore in 2017. Last fall he delivered this Veterans Day address at the Rockefeller Center at Dartmouth in 2021.

Local Government and School Boards on JAM

Find local government and school meetings for Hartford, Norwich, and Hartland, VT; Hanover, NH and Lebanon, NH (SAU88 only).  Pictured: SAU88 School Board, Lebanon NH (10/12/22). 

Upper Valley Religious Services on JAM 

Join your local house of worship, visit a new one, or share your recorded service with JAM. Pictured: Riverbank Church, White River Junction, VT (9/25/22)  


@JAM Podcasts

What's in the stars for your next book?

From a listener question via Instagram: "Not necessarily a dilemma, but I would like books to be paired with your astrological sign!” This week the booksellers reveal not only their own signs (sun, moon, and rising) and how to map your ego, id and super-ego accordingly, but also just-right book pairings for your astrological vibe! 

(Episode 22, premiered 10.18.22)

CONGRATS Shelf Help Podcast on passing 1000 downloads! Shelf Help is a collaboration between the Book Jam, a nonprofit designed to inspire readers; JAM, Yankee Bookshop; the Norwich Bookstore; and Still North Books & Bar.


@the JAM space

This Weekend!

JAM Lab Workshop: 


Saturday, Oct. 22



Fee waiver available

Curious to try your hand (and eye!) at directing a scene with actors for the camera?  Whether you're an actor, writer, director, camera operator, theater person wanting to explore film, or simply FILM CURIOUS, this weekend workshop is for YOU. All participants will get the chance to play director, cinematographer, and actor in scene exercises revealing the collaborative process by which great stories are created on film. No previous experience required.

Instructors: Samantha Davidson Green, filmmaker (MFA, Film Directing - UCLA) & Richard Waterhouse, acting coach & lecturer (Brown)

November: SOUND

Tuesdays Nov. 8-29


with JAM Staff

December Intensive:


Making video art & lighting for cinema

Saturday, Dec. 3


with Chico Eastridge

Details and registration


@ the JAM space & around the Upper Valley


Thursday, Oct. 20

6-7:30pm FREE

5 S. Main St. 1st Floor

White River Junction, VT

In a society increasingly divided and isolated, storytelling can bring us together. Story Jam is a bi-monthly story circle where community members can get to know each other through personal stories. You're invited to join the circle and share an unrehearsed 5-minute true story from your own life. No competition, no judgment, no lecturing, no ranting… Just a story about something that happened to you and a chance to listen to other people’s stories. Whether a new or seasoned storyteller, shy or extroverted – all are welcome!

Facilitated by Judith Hertog and Michelle RoggeFor more info, reach us at:

TWist Comics & Zine Fair @JAM

Friday Nov. 4

5-8pm FREE

5 S. Main St. 1st Floor

White River Junction, VT

Come browse comics, zines, poetry chap books, and other self-published work by talented local artists and Center for Cartoon Studies students on Nov. 4 from 5 pm – 8 pm. Find the perfect holiday gifts for the nerds you love!

Interested in tabling? Email:

From around the region...

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JAM – Junction Arts & Media supports lifelong learning to engage the tools of media for individual and community expression in the Upper Valley.

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