Newsletter: December 21, 2020
30th Anniversary! 1990 - 2020
Continual Fundraising Efforts:
Since all of our theatrical shows are on pause due to Covid, (besides a twice-a-month Annie Zoom rehearsal), we are thinking creatively to come up with projects to keep Neverland going strong.

Coincidentally director Andy Diskes began learning video editing a few years ago from Bevcam in Beverly. So we are trying to put together some video projects that will give local adults, teens and children a chance to perform while staying safe.

And any funds we raise during our projects and fundraising events will go to our monthly fixed costs that continue which is approximately $600 a month. Thank you to everyone who has supported Neverland Theatre since we have begun fundraising in the spring.
SIGN UPS for Virtual Musical Revue
Deadline to join extended thru January 3.

Neverland is finally getting on the 'Virtual Cabaret' Band Wagon but with a fun twist!

We are looking for 15 Sign-ups of children, teens and adults who want to participate by submitting a video singing or performing an instrument. But what we will do to make it a special event is to edit the videos together and add some snazzy backgrounds and effects so it appears that each musical number is being performed from a different country of the world. So the effect for the viewer is that they are going on a 45 minute long musical trip around the globe.

Since we are all cooped lately, this will be a fun way for your family and friends to watch you perform from the comfort of their home yet feel like they are being whisked away on vacation to exciting locations, tongue-in-cheek !

We are looking for just the right name for the show and are happy to take suggestions.

Read more information below:

How it works:

*If you want to sign up, please email Andy at .

*Let us know what song you would like to perform.
(We ask that it is no longer than 4 or 5 minutes. Also we do not want to have duplicate songs so we will let you know if that song is taken.)

*You can sign up through January 3.

Once you sign up we can then discuss the following:
*Let us know if you want your performance to pretend to be from any particular county/part of the world.
If you don't have a preference, we will choose an intriguing location. If you do choose a particular location, we encourage you to perhaps wear a hat or costume piece that might give the flavor of the location, such as a beret, etc.

You can send one long video or shorter video that include any of the following:

  1. Your performance (4 - 5 minutes in length)

The following are optional but we encourage you to submit as many as you like:

30 Second Snippets of: (Close ups are preferred)
  1. An introduction telling us whatever you like about yourself. (And if you like you can dedicate your performance to somebody.)
  2. Bowing / curtseying / being silly
  3. Free-style dancing in place. Music doesn't matter (or no music) as it will be spliced together with the other performers set to some particular music we will choose later.
  4. Joking around with your pet if you have one. (And let us know in writing what is your pet's name.)
  5. Your family waving/ dancing around / acting silly together. (Be sure to tell us their names.)

Andy will use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit together the videos into one production. Our goal is to have the final product late February. We will post the video online and encourage friends and supporters who are watching to make a small donation to help support Neverland Theatre.

And the video will be a fun remembrance to have for years to come!


Participation Fee:

One Song: $25 per participant (Solo performance. If it is a duet then it would be $40 total for both participants to perform, and song can be longer than three minutes )

Perform a second number: $35 for both solo songs (If it's a second duet: $50 total for both participants)

Participation Fee in non-refundable.



Casting Complete!
You have heard of the well known play, Love Letters, where two actors sit at a table portraying life-long friends who read letters they have written to each other over the course of their lives. We are producing our own Zoom Comedy version entitled"COMPLAINT LETTERS"
Featuring actual complaint letters sent to companies that are so good and comically written, they have gone viral.

This will be filmed in January and will be ready for viewing in March.
Casting complete!
Will be filmed end of January and final product will be released to view in mid-March.

The Bad Joke Show!
Local Cable Episodes
Featuring local children and adults filmed at BevCam in Beverly.

Watch our Two Episodes:

If interested in participating in
our next episode:
SUPER HERO BAD JOKE SHOW, email Andy to let him know.


Peabody's Black Box Theater
Choreography by Mariana's Dancing Studio of Ipswich!

Auditions in Spring 2021
We have items for sale or rent. If you have a school project or a local play coming up, let us know what you are looking for. Thank you!

The Broadway Musical ANNIE
NEW Show Dates:
July 16 - 25, 2021
Peabody's Black Box Theater
22 Foster St., Peabody, MA

We will hold more AUDITIONS in the spring for roles open.
Roles open for Leading Orphans and the role of Annie (Double Casting all child roles.)