October 27, 2019

Thank you for a Great Season Warriors!

  Varsity ended their season on Friday night going out with a Level 1 Playoff loss to 1st seed Racine Lutheran.  We have a lot to be proud of and much we can build off of for next year.  We will miss our 9 Seniors and thank those who gave their all. We wish them luck as they move onto the next chapter.  Once a Warrior, Always a Warrior!

Our Youth teams also put a wrap on the season two weeks ago. It has been a great year of learning, fun, and excitement!  
Shout out to Thunder for going 
UNDEFEATED once again!

Coach Decker say's "We are very proud of our Lighting Team. We played the entire season with integrity, and by the league rules. The team grew each and every week through the season. Football is never an easy sport; it requires toughness, and the ability to fight through adversity.  I am proud of how well the kids played throughout the season. Thank you for letting your son play the great game of football".

The future looks great for Warrior Football - we have a lot of talent coming up through the ranks at all levels.  Our community support is outstanding and we are delivering a great experience for all involved. Truth is, you can't get this experience anywhere else because this is

Thank you to the community, our sponsors, fans, and families for your support this season! See you in 2020!
The  Warrior Gridiron Club links the Youth and High School football programs as a joint fan support and fundraising organization. Funds raised by the
Warrior Gridiron Club support both programs throughout the season.
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Thank you for your support of Warrior Football!   


 Once a Warrior Always a Warrior!  

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