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We've made it through the 10th Winter Season! For us as farmers and planners, the winter is a lot of fun for us to think of what we can do during the harvest to prepare for the winter. I think this year we had a lot of fun with different bags than before - like the ramen themed bag with broth and pork belly or the meatloaf themed bag with tangy pickle relish and mustard.

Overall, thank you for joining us for another winter season. Your commitment to local speaks volumes to your personality - perhaps as a culinary adventurer or perhaps a statement about the importance of stable, local food systems. The security of a local food system has never been more important than it is today as we see nationwide food shortages and disruptions due to the coronavirus.

We'll be back in action with the Summer Season starting on June 3! The summer share will continue as planned with a few adjustments like we've been executing the last few weeks -- 6' in line, pre-packed shares at the warehouse, and increased availability of pre-order items.

In the meantime, don't starve. We have plenty of food available at our butcher shop - Ohio City Provisions - which is open 10 AM to 7 PM daily (including Sundays) and is well stocked with not only your favorite pasture raised meats, but also eggs, dairy, grains, produce, and canned and frozen goods.

Thank you again.
Trevor & the FFM team (Lauren, Allyson, Evan, and Connor)
Farm Lasagna
Local preservation in one meal -- throughout the height of the summer, the Farm Kitchen preserves the bounty by canning, fermenting and freezing. This week's vegetarian lasagna features broccoli, spinach and summer squash that were saved up for use in the winter/spring months when these items aren't available fresh in our area.

This entire dish is made from scratch. Ashley and Derek worked tirelessly to craft delicious egg noodles from Stutzmans' organic flour and our farm eggs. They then took the Guernsey milk and made their own ricotta cheese for the filling and used the frozen tomatoes from last year for the sauce. It is truly a great example of eating local year-round.

The lasagna can been cooked right from the freezer or after it's been thawed. Pre-heat your over to 350 degrees. Place lasagna on a baking tray and cover the top with foil (to keep the cheese from burning).

If thawed, it will take approximately 50 minutes to thoroughly cook, and about 80 minutes if cooking from frozen. The lasagna is ready to eat when it starts bubbling and the cheese starts to brown.

If you're like us, you'll need to test your patience while you let it cool down for a few minutes before it's ready to eat!
Mother's Day Cookies
We're closing out the season with a special treat for Mom - spring floral buttercream sugar cookies. Available online and at the back of the truck while supplies last!
Finally, New Produce
The most challenging part about winter is getting creative with a limited supply of produce. And just as the weather starts to break in April and May, the available selection is usually the worst as all of the produce growers are dedicating their greenhouses to starting transplants for summer crops.

This week we have a few nice surprises.

First, Asparagus. Typically we would not be surprised to have asparagus in the first week of May, but this spring has been lousy. March was warmer than April and the sun has been reluctant to shine. Each grower I talk to is behind on planting everything from sweet corn (mid-summer crop) to radishes, spinach, and lettuce (early summer crops). The ground has been workable this spring but there has been little heat to help the plants grow.

The real exciting news this week is hydroponic tomatoes . These chemical free tomatoes come from Huron,OH and are grown in a coconut shell medium in a hydroponic system. They are a a little bit of a teaser for the flavors of summer just on the horizon.
Chicken Stock
I think my cooking changed big time when I learned the importance of rich stock in the kitchen. It is both flavorful and nutritious.

Chef Parker Bosley first taught me about stock. He is very particular about it and can wax on poetically about the nuances he has picked up over the years.

I'll try to make it very simple.
Step 1: Don't even put your chicken backs in the freezer. Put them in a stockpot right away. If you aren't going to make stock tonight, put them in the stockpot in the fridge to thaw so you don't forget about them.

Repeat. The freezer is where food goes to die slowly. Just start cooking it now.

Step 2: Add to the stockpot (optional) a few branches of celery (or frozen celery leaves from the summer), a few peeled carrots, an onion, a few cloves of garlic, and (if you have it) a few sprigs of fresh thyme or about a teaspoon of dried thyme.

Step 3: Fill the stockpot with cold water until the bones are submerged by about an inch or more.

Step 4: Bring the water to a simmer - just barely a boil - and let it simmer for at least 4 hours. I often find the perfect setting and let it roll overnight (be careful not to evaporate the water and scorch your pan).

Step 5: Strain out the bones and solids while the stock is hot. Pass it first through a colander to remove the large pieces, then a second time through a fine sieve (like a chinois) or a damp kitchen towel. Refrigerate overnight.

Step 6: The fat will solidify on the top after it is cold. Remove the fat. If the stock is not "rich" enough for you, simply reduce it down at a boil. Some like lighter stock that is more of a broth, while other applications call for a rich stock that is thick in gelatin.

That's all there is to it. If you don't want to do it on the stovetop, you can also do the same thing in a crock pot. The fastest way to make stock is with a pressure cooker or Instapot - same process, just less time.

I made the stock, now what do I do with it?
You've probably heard all the buzz around bone broth, right? Same thing. Drink it for it's health benefits. If you do drink it, don't forget to season it some with salt and pepper.

Stock is also an important component of cooking. Use it to braise a pork roast or as the base for a soup. It also can be used to make gravy or to add flavor to a ragout of asparagus and ramps or even a risotto. The applications of stock are endless. It has become one of the "staples" in my refrigerator that is in my toolbox for any meal that might arise.
Summer Share
The Summer Season begins in just 4-weeks! Our farmers already have thousands of broccoli, spring greens, peas and strawberries in the ground.

They're working hard to supply us with the best of Ohio produce and at our own farm ( Wholesome Valley Farm ) we are busy rotating the beef on pasture and fattening the hogs in time for the summer grills.

There is still time to join for the summer. Please register below and please tell a friend.
Bag Contents
Roasted Vegetable Lasagna
Hydroponic Tomatoes
Chicken Backs

Roasted Vegetable Lasagna
Hydroponic Tomatoes
Goat Chevre
Frozen Fruit
Pumpkin Soup
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