Final Week of  UN Summer Intern Program 

The  Temple  of  Understanding  2016  United  Nations  Interns  are giving their presentations July 27-July 29th.  Each  intern has chosen a topic and has  created a presentation based on his/her research, information from UN Meetings, and interviews with different organizations and missions.     

The topics chosen are: 

  • Evan SchlosserImproving the Economic Self-Reliance of Protracted Internally Displaced Persons 
  • Nicolas Alvarado  The Reintegration of Child Soldiers in Colombia:   Post Peace Process
  • Kayla Zhu Developments in the Financing of Humanitarian Aid 
  • Grace Kim Global Youth Status: Where We Stand Now and  Where We Should Stand in 2030
  • Grant Gelles The Prioritization of Education: Impacts on Extremism and  Other Pressing Matters
  • Elena Younhye Ock Human Rights Infringements in North Korea
  • Rhea Soman The Impact of Religion and Politics
  • Lauren Liotti The Destruction of Cultural Heritage Sites in the Middle East
  • Elzat  Erken Human Rights Issues in the Middle East and Central Asia
  • Ava Levin Access to Justice in Liberia
  • Christian Yoon Get Smart: The Effect of Formal Education on the Standards of Living in Developing Countries
  • Ashwini Selvakumaran The Impact of Violence Against Women in Western Africa
  • Dylan Junkin The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Analysis of the Region's Future
  • Hyukjin Ko Won Buddhist Perspectives on Religious Extremism and Terrorism
  • Diana Paulsen Women's Rights, Environmental Justice, and Sustainable Agriculture
  • Manuela Figueiredo The Impact of Climate Change on the Syrian Refugee Crisis
  • Kieran Downey The Impact of Secularism on Bangladesh
  • Savanna Lim Tigers and Tortugas: A Comparison of the Quality of Education Between Southeast Asia and Latin America
  • Elle Park The Impact of Wireless Internet on STEM Education in  Developing Nations 
  • Meher Kaur Helping Punjab 
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This Tumblr Page has information on what the Interns did during their program:
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