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Final days to fix the lawn
November 2014

Colder days are here and for many of us the lawn season is over, right?  Not true!  You can still do a few thing for for your lawn this fall to help ensure it will come back next spring.  So hold on to your mower and your rake and let's take some final steps to help your lawn get through the cold winter months ahead.
It's the final countdown

Autumn house We are in the midst of fall and you have one last chance to improve your lawn.  Continue to mow your lawn until around Thanksgiving.  When you do your last mowing for the year be sure to lower the blade to about two and a half inches.  This will help prevent disease over the winter.

Be sure you feed your lawn with Winter Survival Fall Fertilizer to help get the lawn through the winter.  This fertilizer contains humates, which will improve the soil life and strengthen root growth.  Remember that many states and towns now have laws regarding the timing of fertilizer applications.  In New Jersey you cannot apply fertilizer to your lawn from November 15 - March 1.  Check with your local and state government websites to see if there are any restrictions in your area.

For more information on the NJ Fertilizer Law click here!
Should I aerate my lawn?
Many homeowners ask us if they should be aerating their lawns.  Aeration is the process of breaking up and loosening the soil to promote the circulation of air in the ground.  Aeration is a great way to allow water, nutrients and air to flow to the grass root systems.  It is a good idea to aerate your lawn if you have heavy, hard packed soil.  Compacted soil will not allow grass roots to grow deeply and become firmly established.  You may see aerating shoes in the store that have spikes on the bottom.  These are fairly useless.  It is better to core aerate the lawn rather than spiking.  Plus core aerating acts as free top dressing for your lawn. 

In addition to aerating your lawn you can do an application of Love Your Lawn-Love Your Soil.  This organic product will help to relieve compaction by loosening the soil and stimulating the soil microbes that are already present in the soil.  Love Your Lawn-Love Your Soil will help to release the nutrients that are trapped in the soil making them more readily available for the grass plants.  Lastly it will help to enhance grass root and root mass development making your lawn stronger, thicker and healthier over time. 

Want to know more about treating the soil?  Check out this video:

Healthy soil is the key to a beautiful lawn
Healthy soil is the key to a beautiful lawn
Thank you!
Dog on lawn
Thank you to everyone who participated in our photo contest this year.  We asked you to send us photos of your lawn for a chance to win a $50 gift coupon each month.  The responses were overwhelming and we saw so many beautiful lawns. 

Keep an eye out for pictures of the 2014 grand prize winning lawn in the coming days on our Facebook page
New American Lawn Guide

Lawn Guide
The year is not over yet and there is still a lot you can do for your lawn.  Download the New American Lawn Guide today and learn helpful tips on keeping your lawn healthy all year long.  Visit to learn more and view how to lawn videos.

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New American Lawn Guide
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