Habitat for Humanity finishes final two homes on Forbes Street, completing a 17 home Habitat community of affordable housing

Feb 4, 2020 – LONDON, ON – Habitat for Humanity Heartland Ontario is proud to announce the key ceremonies for the final two homes of the Manor Park Project, celebrating the completion of Arber and Lumturi’s family home at 36 Forbes Street and Karin’s family home at 38 Forbes Street on Thursday February 13 th at 11:00 AM.

“What we have been able to accomplish here in Manor Park is remarkable,” said Brian Elliot CEO, Habitat for Humanity Heartland Ontario. “It started with a closed down school and empty space, which became a project that allowed us to build a diverse Habitat Community that will continue to foster strength, stability and self-reliance in our homeowners for generations to come. We are grateful for the generous contributions of the many companies, corporate sponsored teams, volunteers and tradespeople who helped make all of this possible. This project allowed us to embark on partnerships with many organizations from non-profit, educational and private companies to achieve a greater vision of affordable home ownership.

National Bank and Forever Homes have been supportive partners in the construction of our final two homes on Forbes St.” 

Habitat for Humanity Heartland Ontario partnered with Homes Unlimited to purchase a parcel of land where a vacant school sat in the middle of a residential area. This underutilized property has been developed into affordable rental units by Homes Unlimited and Habitat has divided the remaining property into 17 lots on which affordable homes have been built. 

The Manor Park Project means the revitalization of a once dormant property that is now affordable homes for 17 families, (70 people, of which over 35 are children). This community development project has mobilized volunteers, donors and community members to provide solutions to affordable living in the Manor Park community.

The impact of the Manor Park Habitat community will double the number of homes we have constructed to date. As the Manor Park families pay back their mortgages the funds are reinvested into the Habitat build fund. This is a long term investment that will reach hundreds of additional families in the counties we serve.  

38 Forbes Street is now home to Arber & Lumturi and their two children, Liza and Lir, and it is supported by Forever Homes. According to Arber, “I am working very hard to provide for my family. Having a son with autism makes it impossible for both parents to work full time. Our son, Lir, is very dependent on us, and because of his condition he misses a lot of school hours. We are living in a small apartment. There is not enough space and it gets very hot during summer. Having our own home means the world to us! Having enough space for our children would be a dream come true. Our children will be very happy to have their own rooms and a yard.”

Jeff Fung of Forever Homes said, “Forever Homes is absolutely thrilled to have been a part of Arber and Lumturi’s home. It has been a very rewarding experience working with Habitat for Humanity to build such a wonderful home. We would also like to thank all the people who helped build the home with us, the many suppliers, trades, and volunteers. London has been such a blessing to Forever Homes and we are glad we can share that with others.”

36 Forbes Street is now home to Karin and her three children Keyshawn, Zachery and Victoria, and it is supported by National Bank. Karin is very excited to be a Habitat homeowner.  She said, “As a mom to three beautiful, intelligent children, I struggle to give them everything they need. My Habitat home means I can finally put down roots, refer to this as home (not a rental), grow old in it, watch my family expand, breathe and enjoy the little things we take for granted.”

Jennifer Wagner, Branch Manager at National Bank said, “My colleagues and I were pleased to contribute to building a home for Karin and her family alongside Habitat for Humanity volunteers. At National Bank, we’re proud to lend a hand to make a difference in the community and ensure families in southwestern Ontario have a decent place to live.”
The public are invited to come out and celebrate with us on February 13 th at 11:00am
Who: Habitat for Humanity Heartland Ontario
What: Key Ceremony - 36 and 38 Forbes Street, and Celebration of Completing Habitat Community in Manor Park
Where: 36 Forbes Street and 38 Forbes Street
When: February 13th, 2020 at 11:00am
Contact: Habitat Heartland – Emily Rust, Social Media and Marketing Associate marketing@habitat4home.ca 519 455 6623 #228
Lumturi, Lir, Arber and Liza
Zachery, Karin, Keyshawn and Victoria
About Habitat for Humanity Heartland Ontario

Habitat for Humanity believes that every man, woman and child has the right to the confidence, security and hope that a home provides. Affordable housing is key to building strong, equitable and thriving communities. By mobilizing volunteers and community partners, we can build affordable housing and promote homeownership.