July 2016

Congratulations to our newest accredited members Georgea, Belinda, Adele, Amy, Lori, Chris, Richard, Paul and to all participants on our most recent Foundations Programme: Tracy, Kate and Juliette.

For those wishing to join our September Foundations Programme, there are one or two places available and dates/venue are below. We recommend early booking to secure the final spaces.
For existing facilitators, whatever your level of experience, do consider our Practitioner Accreditation Programme. This provides an opportunity to review and reflect on your practice and next steps.  Although this is largely a self-directed activity, significant support is provided by AoF; those who have engaged with the process tell us that is an excellent way to affirm confidence and competence and to refresh your skills and style.  Register by early September in order to join our Practitioner Accreditation Day on 3rd October 2016.

Next Learning Day/Taster day is 15th November 2016 (Members £80 and Non Members £100) - do contact us to reserve a place.

Please see  our website or  contact us for more information.

Bella Mehta & Brian Watts
Association of Facilitators (AoF)
0203 282 7128
Foundations in Facilitation Skills:

The Facilitator's Toolkit
5-6 September 2016
23-24 January 2017
22-23 May 2017

Group Dynamics 
10-11 October 2016
20-21 February 2017
19-20 June 2017

14 November 2016
27 March 2017
17 July 2017

Practitioner Accreditation

October 3rd 2016 (September registration)

Learning/Taster Day

15th November 2016

Venue: Highfield Park, Hook, Hampshire

These courses are also available on an in-house basis.